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Octavia Multimedia group is a Music industry "One Stop Shop," platform.  Providing support to artists, musicians and songwriters of all genre through its unique subscription system.  Aided by its subsidiaries, all of the main sections needed by artists and musicians are within the group.  Its aim is to try and change the way we/society, or I may even go so far as to say the music industry deals with those who create, perform or work in the music industry.  It’s also hoping to change the mind set of those who create, perform and work in the music industry.  Loving music alone does not bring success.  Its committment and hard work even if you are blessed with the gift of talent.  Ask any successful athlete.  Although its love for that profession that engage the mind in the first place.   OctaviaMusic is structured to give support to artists, musicians and songwriters from the start of their choosen career, through to the level of success they want for themselves.  From playing local venues to international events.  The energy one gets listening to meaningful music and the hope one gets from a beautiful crafter piece of music, its the reason why I believe so many gravitate to making music their career or even pastime.  But few make a living from.

It’s the reason why Octavia Multimedia group after years of hard work is looking at bringing forward another way for those who make create or produce music go about their business, by offering them a "One Stop Shop," platform where musicians, Producers, studios, distributions, venues and fans (The people who buy the music, go to concerts, buy the merchandise and hero worship their favourite artist.) can interact with each other.  Making the industry work for all, especially making it work for those who devote so much time and lifestyle making music which they obviously love and go through so much dreaming of a reasonable reward.  At present it’s only those who are fortunate enough to be at the top of the glittering mountain enjoys that reward, although its only for a very short time.  Octavia Multimedia Group is looking to make music reward the weekend performers as well as those doing tours around the country and indeed the world.  Having all the elements under one roof as such, (One Stop Shop.) we aim and expect a better result for our effort and the art. 

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Santa's On His Way by Michael Alexander £7.99 Buy Now
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The Revolution Has Gotta be Prostpone by Michael Alexander £5.99 Buy Now
There I've Said It by Michael Alexander £5.99 Buy Now
To Be Happy by Michael Alexander £6.99 Buy Now
What Can I Do (To Make You Smile) by Michael Alexander £6.99 Buy Now
When You Give Love To Me by Michael Alexander £7.99 Buy Now
Your Reasons (Makes no Sense) by Michael Alexander £4.99 Buy Now
Don't Stop the Music {Let it Play} by £6.99 Buy Now
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Happy Christmas One and All
Published - Michael Alexander - December 24, 2018
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Happy Christmas One and All

Published - Michael Alexander - December 24, 2018
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Published - Michael Alexander - July 19, 2018
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