SONGWRITER'S - SUBSCRIPTION  Register and subscribe to our songwriters subscription. £29.99 per month. to get access to our platform.  For as long as you feel its useful to you.  Its the only way to get access to our services.  You will have an OctaviaMusic Songwriters Page IP Address.  Giving you better access to the facalities, to be able to download your information, songs, videos, sheet music, lyrics, Bio. etc.  Getting songs through emails and links to other platforms was not working for us.  Doing it this way helps us to deal with you and your work, in a more professional way.  Your information will be secure and we will be able to evaluate it through our system.



SONGWRITER'S - SUBSCRIPTION  Register and Subscribe to our Songwriter's subscription.  To get an OctaviaMusic Songwriters Page IP Address.  Part of our (One Stop Shop Music Platform.)  Which would allow you to supply your details and music to us for consideration. We have been recieving requests from songwriters through emails and links to other platforms.  And with copyrights regulations laws etc., we found it difficult to access the materials for use.  So we have created this platform, so songwriters, who are not also performers, could submit their work and all relevant information for publication.  That way it saved us time and hassle.  It protects us from infringement laws as such.  We require songwriters to register and subscribe, to avoid us from those who are not committed.

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