Delivery & Returns


            1.1     Delivery Ploicy of,  "Octavia Multimedia Group Limited(R),"  and the other subsidiaries of the group, i.e.  "Octavia Records Limited(TM),"  "Octavia Music Publishing Limited(TM),"  "Octavia Artist Management Limited(TM),"  "Octavia Artist Limited(TM),"  "Octavia Studio Limited(TM),"  "Octavia Music Shop Limited(TM),"  "Octavia Music Magazine Limited(TM)."

             1.2     Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the place of delivery shall be the Company's premises for purchased goods that are manufactured by us.  Purchase that are downloads, delivery would be effective after full payment is received.

             1.3     Orders received on the internet or telephone or post for delivery, would be delivered to the address of the cardholder, within 7 working days within the Mainland, (United Kingdom), and 14 working days outside the United Kingdom, (not including weekends and bank holidays), providing the order is received by 2:30 pm on the day of ordering.


             2.1     Octavia Multimedia Group Limited and the other subsidiaries of the group, allows purchasers to purchase using the payment method described at the pay area of these Websites.  Full payment of the product and services, including Vat (where applicable),  and all delivery charges prior to delivery.  All deleveries must be to the address of the cardholder, unless specifically requested to be delivered at another delivery address, such as a factory when the registered office is seperate from the factory or when the purchase is a gift, but not until reasonable proof is obtained so as to prevent fraud.

             2.2     Additional payment options are available when purchase is make in person at the company's address, at events.  on those circumstances, Cash would be acceptable as well as card payment when the system for taking such payment are available.

             2.3     No delivery of goods would take place intil full payment is received and are cleared funds.

             2.4     Orders taken at events for delivery, when the items are not available at the event, would need to be paid for in full, and are cleared funds, for orders to be considered, and a receipt for the payment and an acknowledgement of order given.

             2.5     When cash payment is accepted and the cash prove not to be a legal tender, order taken for this payment that are expected to be delivered would be immediately cancelled on the discovery of such act.  And every effort would be given in assistance to the proper authorities in tracing the offender, or offenders.


             If you make your purchase on the website, you may pay by credit and debit cards, or PayPal account.  When you move to the check out position on the website.


             4.1     Octavia Multimedia Group Limited and it's subsidiaries, require your Credit or Debit card, and security code, date of issue and expire date, delivery address and contact number in case of difficulties in making the delivery.

             4.2     We must recieve full payment of the price of the product and the delivery charges and appropriate duties, before we can accept your order.  We reserve the right to restrict the number of products you may order and to refuse any order.

             4.3     If you have provided us with your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming that we have received your order.  Only when we have accepted your order is a binding  contract created between us.

             4.4     Certain items would have a pre-ordering period before release.  During this period the customer would be encourage to place their order during that period to receive their order within 7 working days (National customers) and 14 days (International customers) after release.  We would make every effort to publicise these release dates prior to the commencement of the period for pre-ordering.

             4.5     The cut off date for pre-orders is essential to comply with section 1.3 of this ploicy.

             4.6     Mid-night Monday to Mid-night the following Saturday would be the prefered period; but we reserve the right to change to a different time and period without prior notice. 


             5.1     Purchase made at events and festivals where the stock is available and on hand.  Delivery would take effect after full payment of cleared funds is received and then the delivery would be considered complete.

             5.2     Order taken for delivery by post or collection would not be considered unless full payment is recieved including postage, vat and all other applicable fees, [and as per Payment Method 2.3 to 2.5].


             6.1     We warrant to you that the Goods ordered by you will meet description as shown on our websites (or any description given to you in writing).

             6.2     We will not have any responsibility for any damage which occurs to the Goods after delivery.

             6.3     If any defect in any Goods appear within [ 3 months ] of delivery, you must notify us as soon as you become aware of the defect, giving us full details.  We will then decide, in consultation with you, whether the defect is our responsibility.  If so we may arrange either to repair the defective Goods or replace them with similar Goods.  Any defective goods to be return to us must be return at your expense.


             7.1     Since we are offering intangible irrevocable goods, we DO NOT issue refunds after the manuscript or music that has been download and delivered to the end users, who is responsible for understanding the terms and conditions upon purchasing from our websites.  However, if a customer find a functional error in a tool, they can contact us at [] and we would then contact our system provider responsible for maintaining it's functionality, we will rectify any error and provide the correct manuscript or music to the customer within 48 hours.  Any notification of error in relation to the manuscript or music or tool download needs to be made by the customer within 2 days of discovering that such error occur.

             7.2     For Purchase that are not downloads and are for collection or postage, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in it's original condition within 7 days of the date you recieved the item at your expense, and we will replaced the item or its equivalent promptly, not later than 30 days after receipt.


             You must notify us promptly and in any event within 48 hours of receipt of the goods, if they appear to be damaged in transit.  In those circumstances, you must also keep all packaging as this may be required when making a claim.  [as per Terms and Conditions of Sales, delivery section 7.3].


             9.1     All goods are dispached via Royal Mail on the quickest possible delivery service, or by our designated corriers at the time of purchase.  There must be someone age 16 years and over at the delivery address to accept the delivery when a signature is required.

             9.2     In cases where no one is in attendance or of the appropriate age, a card will be left indicating where the item can be collected.  Please bring proper I.D. for varification of identity.  All shipping cost are determined by size and weight which will vary depending on the product ordered.  Please use our details on the websites, or communication sent to you to reply to us.

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