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  • Includes Standard, Premium & Gold. Octavia®Music, "One Stop Shop Music Platform™." Full Management gives options to live, breathe and perform music. 
  • OctaviaMusic, facilates opportunities and maintain its services for artists to achieve their goal.  Including, booking events, tickets sales, music & merchandise.  Engaging professionals when & where necessary.  Encourage professionalism, commitment, reliability, and further the ability to communicate & work with other providers.  Issue (Contracts/agreement) when dealing with, organised events, tours, gigs, festivals, ticket sales, merchandise, records, CDs, MP3s and posters. (when applicable.)
  • Benefits: Recording, publishing, management, contract, societies, associations & professionals engagement.  OctaviaMusic, promotes music of all genre, worldwide.
  • Conections: Personal manage, stage manager, Road manager etc.. 
Changing Music Together, for Music Sake.

 “Full" - Subscription,” Includes Standard, Premium & GoldOctavia®Music "One Stop Shop Music Platform™." Contain everything an artist, musician, singer, performer need to create and maintain a career in the music industry/Business, under one roof.  It starts with the Standard Subscription.  Which requires all applicant to Register & Subscribe. for initial access.  Thereafter, use the Artist Registration Form, to upload details.  Then when apropriate, move to Premium, for additional access and support.  At this stage, you would have made up your mind that, a career in the music industry is what you want.  And you would have become familiar with our system and working.  You will then move to Gold, (The semi-pro management.), when Standard or Premium don't satisfy your needs.  With your reputation growing, you will be encourage to further your career with the Full Management.  Where your goal, ambition, profession, image, products, events, appearances, will be given personal attention.  Your fans needs for information, tickets to you events, access to your social media, pictures and posters and merchandise, will be handled through our system.  Instead of different companies.  Which leave you free to concerntrate on creating and performing.  With Octavia®Music, having all necessary information at hand, would engage the right people and the right placement.  That's when commitment, professionalism, right attutude and behaviour is not only required, but demanded.  You may at some point concluse that the level of earning subscribing to Standard, Premium, or Gold suites you best.  And the strain and commitment of Full Management does not suite you.  In that case, you are free to remain or return at those level without moving to Full Management.   Octavia®Music, One Stop Shop Music Platform™, won't push you into anything that you are not comfortable with.  Because, the platform is designed to cater for all level of professionalism, within the music industry.  At the pace and competence of the artists, musicians, singer, performers and songwriters with support and promotion.  If you don't want to subscribe to the other packages, and opted for subscribing to the "Full Management Subscription.  You would still have to start with Registering (To get a free account.) Then use the Artist Registration Form, before moving to subscribe to Full Management. 

Full Management (Full Management Subscription.) means exactly that.  Contracts, Agreements, Recording contract, Publishing agreement.  (Personal management, Business manager, Road manager, Tour manager, Production manager, and Technical manager.)  Tours, gigs, appearances, representation.  Octavia®Music, One Stop Shop Music Platform™ (Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd®.) working to provided these services.  Engaging with providers and professionals.  Advertising, and promotion, Booking events and ticket sales, merchandise and products.  The subscription, is for access to the services on the website.   

Registration and Subscription to Octavia®Music, (One Stop Shop Music Platform™,) is for access to its services.  The chosen package is entirely your decision, which we hope reflect you needs or the commitments you are willing to give to your career, hobby or pastime.  Our part is to support and promote your Artistic commitment and professionalism to create and maintain a career in the music industry.  The music industry provides opportunities, but relies on dedication, hard work, and working harmoniously, creatively, and professionally.  

Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd® with its subsidiaries, aims are to apply those principles when deciding to engage with an artist, band or professionals.  We believe in working towards creating and maintaining a career in the music industry with the same expectation like professionals in other industries, i.e. (Building trade, Bricklayers, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Architects)  Medical industry, (Doctors, Nurses, mid-wifrey, clinicians.)  Education industry, (Teachers, Lecturer, Liberians etc.)  The music industry, though different from the other indudtries.  Is the least rewarding for a majoriety of those working in the industry. We want to help to make it less so.

Octavia®Music, (One Stop Shop Music Platform™) aim is to make a difference.  Whether it's your wish to do music full time or just at weekend.  With the prospect of making a living from your effort.  It's what all professionals have in common.  Passion lead to choice.  Hard work and time spent, mastering the necessary skills, investment in obtaining the necessary equipments to apply your trade.  Surely, its right to expects a fair return, which is bourne by all, except musicians.  It’s about time musicians are brought to the table. And, that's what Octavia®Music, (One Stop Shop Music Platform™,) is working towards establishing. But also, there need to be changes to the mindset of musicians, and those working in the industry. 

"Full" Management - Subscription." is different from the other subscribing packages. And apart from the subscription its, (Subject to the relevant contracts and agreements for):

  • Organise events, support and promotion, bookings and tickets sales.
  • Organised tours, gigs, festivals, showcases, competitions, sales of merchandise, records, CDs and posters, etc.
  • Recording contract, publishing agreement, management contract.
  • Guidance, advice and engagement with other societies, associations and professionals.
  • Access to a global platform with the aim to promote music of all genres worldwide.
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