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"Full" Management - Subscription. Is different to the other three levels of management on the platform.  It reguire/demands, commitment, reliability and professionalism. The ability to communicate and work with others. (Contracts and agreement) with other service providers will be part of opperation, a means of ensuring all rights are secure. Therefore, commitment, co-operation and reliability is necessary for success.  We would organise events and undertake the promotion and sales of tickets. Organise tours and sell merchandise, records, CDs and posters. (If applicable.) Recording contract, publishing agreement, management contract.  Guidance, advice and engagement with other societies, associations and professionals. Access to, OctaviaMusic, (One Stop Shop Music Platform,) is global.  With the aim of promoting music of all genres to the world.


 “Full" Management - Subscription,” Register and subscribe to this level of management to recieve a completely different type of services in some ways to the other three subscription packages.  All of what is offer in the other subscription packages are within the benefit offered in the (Full Management Subscription.)  In addition, subject to contract and agreements and the needs of the artist, provide management in areas of,  (Personal management, Business manager, Road manager, Tour manager, Production manager, and Technical manager.)  The different companies in the group would be working through our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," for the music industry to support and promotion you (The Artist/Musician.) and your work, in the area of being an "Artist, Performer, Musician and or Songwriter." In such areas as Mentoring, (Subject to contract and or agreements.) i.e.  “Recording contract, and Publishing contract.” 

Being a registered subscriber to our (One Stop Shop Music Platform,) is the only way to assess these services.  That would show commitment and professionalism of being an artist, band or Performer.  And showing us the strength of your desire & commitment, to be an Act, Performer of marketable qualities.  The industry provides opportunities for success, which relies on working harmoniously, creatively, hard work and professionalism.  Octavia’s effort is to provide a platform where all these can be realised for the benefit of the artist, the company and the paying public.

Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd and its subsidiaries, aims are to apply those principles when deciding to engage with an artist, band or professionals.  We believe in working to make music a career or profession, much like professionals in other industries. (Building trade, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, architects, Mediacl industry, doctors, nurses, mid-wifery, clinicians.  Education industry, teachers, lecturer, liberians etc.)  The music industry, seems nothing like all the other industries professions.  You could & would put the time, finance, get the degree and still not certain to make a career of being a musician/performer with a reasonable income.

OctaviaMusic, aim is to try and make a difference.  Whether it is your wish to do music full time or just at weekend.  You should have the prospect of making a living from your effort.  It's what all professionals have in common.  Having passion that lead to choice.  They all put in the hard work and time, mastering the necessary skills, then invest again in obtaining the equipment required to apply their skills.  Therefore, they all expect to be paid fairly for their services and as far as I know all are, except musicians.  It’s about time musicians are brought to the table. That's what OctaviaMusic, (One Stop Shop Music Platform,) is working towards establishing. But also musicians mindset needs changing. That in itself is the key to whats needed, to having a career in the music industry and making a living.

"Full" Management - Subscription. is different from the other subscribing levels.  Registration & subscription goes towards having access to our platform.  This level of management are, (Subject to the relevant contracts and agreements):

  • We would organise events and undertake the promotion and sell the tickets.
  • Organise & Promote tours.  Sell tickets & merchandise, records, CDs and posters.
  • Recording contract, publishing agreement, management contract.
  • Guidance, advice and engagement with other societies, associations and professionals.
  • Access to a global platform with its aim to promote music of all genres to the world.
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