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"Premium" - Subscription.  Includes the Standard Package of Octavia®Music "One Stop Shop Music Platform™." Upgrading to premium, get you more in terms of services.  The information gain from being a Standard Subscriber would help.  Which includes, organised events, showcase, promotion, gigs, and tours, competition as promotion and public awareness. (depends on skill, genre and commitment).  We would support your events in our Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube.  Feature your event in our (Upcoming Event,) section. Benefit: Access to the public, Venue Owners, Clubs, Promotion.  Gaining recognition and attracting fans to your Octavia®Music Artist Page.  Being part of our (One Stop Shop Music Platform™,) community, and with our support you will start to build your career as an artist, musician, performer and songwriter, in the music industry. 

Start your career in music.

“Premium" - Subscription.  Includes Standard Package. within Octavia®Music, (One Stop Shop Music Platform™).  Gives you (the artist, musician, performer) more access, support and promotion.  Should you decide to subscribe to the Premium package, without first subscribing to the Standard package.  It would be, you are looking for more support and promotion then the Standard package offers.  It mean, you are ready to create and maintain a career in the music industry.   Octavia®Music (One Stop Shop Music Platform™.) Premium is where your commitment to your music career would be vital.  Advertising your events, on our Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Emails, expects a demonstration of responsibility, quality and reliability.  Our support and promotion would identify your wickness and strength and help where necessary.   The Premium package includes:  Organise events, showcase, promotions, gigs and tours, as promotion and establishing public awareness.  (To be included depends on skills, genre and commitment) Organise music competitions and festivals and sell tickets for the event.  With performance payment to participants.  We have invited venue owners/ managers to register their Names, Details and capacity, giving us the information needed, for when we organise these events.  We would organise, manage, advertise and promote all events.   Feature you in our magazine, (Octavia Music Magazine™) When your activities warrant it, and feature you in our (Artist of the Month) Subject to the criteria. "Gold" and  "Full" Management - Subscription on OctaviaMusic, One Stop Shop Music Platform™ (Octavia Artist Management™) is the next step on the  platform.  

  • More facilities and assistance available as a “Premium Management - Subscription.” 
  • Advertising your events in our Blog, Twitters, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Emails.
  • Feature your event in our “Upcoming Event,” section.
  • Feature you in our online and print magazine, (Octavia Music Magazine™).
  • Feature you in our “Artist of the month,” (Selection on merit).
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