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alt=""> Octavia Records - is the record label section of OctaviaMusic's  "One Stop Shop Music Platform,"  Its relation with "Octavia Studio," would be, (dare I say it) one of a mariage made in heaven.  And if thats the case, then the result would be something to be talked about amongst music lovers, users and producers for years. And the result would be Records, Mp3s, DVDs, EPs and Albums.

And the process would be, taking the excitement of live performance into the studio and enhancing it for the fine taste of their fans.  I should say the public, but I do believe, good music, well produced, turns the public into fans.  Octavia Records, has in its aim, to produce music that is real, Part of "Keeping Music Real," phylosophy.  Octavia Records, wants to be known for music that hits the spot, first time and everytime.  Thats is why it would take its artists from those who register and subscribe, to one of the management levels on Octavia Artist Management. Because, as soon as an artist register and subscribe, Octavia Records, would be keeping an eyes on their devotion, commitment and the quality of music they produce.  Taking heed of their appearances, performances, attitude and treatment of their fans. ( Should I say the Public here?) Ok the public.

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