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Subscribed to Artist Management Package: to get access to OctaviaMusic, "One Stop Shop Music Platform," Its designed to support and promotion artists, musicians, singers, performers and songwriters in the music and entertainment industry. Starting with the "Standard," subscription package, which is used as the A & R Submission for access purposes. Because, its where you first get to upload all your details, which is used to create you unique IP page. From there you get to use the system as your live information point to direct and link to, as your business card and live poster.  From there, you can upgrade to "Premium," and "Gold," which is considered to be semi-pro activities as and when you are ready and in need of more from the service. Or to, "Full Management," where professional skills and commitments are catered for. But first, start with registering to create an account, then subscribe to the "Sandard," package to get started.  



The music industry is not what it was 5-6 years ago. And its forever evolving with technology becoming more and more a part of its future.  Right or wrong, we are taking steps to be part of the future.  Hope music is the better for it and so too, Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.

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