Why join Octavia Artist Management?

Join Octavia Artist Management (OAM) to get the old fashion music management of caring for the artist, their career and future. If you are serious about your music, your career and achieving success in the music industry. Octavia Artist Management wants you to join us. If you are committed and hardworking, talented and creative. Because we are serious about creating a community with and for creative individuals, by providing all the support necessary to bring those potentially creative individuals to their fullest achievable heights.

Using all the modern technology and working with experts in their field to exploit new experiments, to make music enjoyable and creative as those artists and professionals (legends) of yesteryear. Subscription is our way of being able to assess your requirement, skills and expectation. Enabling us to provide the services and bookings specific to you; in areas suitable to your kind of music and performance to fans who would follow you because you relate to them. Having a registry of venues local, national and worldwide would give us all the information needed to execute those duties in promoting your events and career, selling tickets, arranging personal appearances, interviews and press releases, including sales of products related to you.

Recording and publishing is part of our platform. Collaboration with likeminded individuals is encouraged if desired. Having the support of an organisation that works with and for you, gives you the freedom to practice and develop your creativity. Even to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy, whilst earning a living from it all. Octavia Artist Management is working to be different from the usual management and agencies, by putting the artist at the heart of all our thinking. Our aim is to set a path whereby anyone who choose music as a career, has the same expectation, satisfaction and success afforded to maybe all other profession and particularly a profession in which you are expected to support your everyday needs.

OAM (Octavia Artist Management) is part of a music platform consisting of all the elements needed to promote musicians, artists, writers, composers, engineers, music producers and live music venue. All the necessary strands to support develop and promote their subscribing artists. Our endeavour is to try and make the music industry more consistent and productive, at the same time engaging with the public. There are within the Octavia Multimedia organisation, record label, publishing company, artist mentoring, management and agency, recording studio, online shop, for sales and distribution and its own magazine for presentation and promotion. When you subscribe, to Octavia Artist Management, you will get your own identity IP on the system, (for example: www.octaviamusic.co.uk/jackandthejills) which you can use as your poster and business card, enabling you to have interactive sections on the platform, connecting with your fans and contacts. This should give you an edge on social media activities. The fans will feel up close and personal to their idol, getting all the latest information as well as special deals on tickets, and merchandise and the up to date information on all your gigs and appearances, while letting them know about your future plans and thinking. All the companies are registered and are accountable to company law in England and Wales.

Subscription is so you get put on the system and the level of subscription gives you access to facilities according to that level. From there we will be able to access your ability, your needs and your plans for your career. If you fit the criteria, Octavia Records would be able to give you a recording contract, for one single, one album, one year’s contract with options or for longer as the case maybe. Once you get that contract, the Octavia organisation will support you in getting the recording done, record pressed and distributed. Publish the songs, securing the rights; promote the song/music and your career, book gigs/tours and personal appearances. Sell tickets to those events. And because we intend to do more in driving your career, we have devised four level which represent the level of attention you will be getting and it also indicate to us the level of your commitment and your confidence in your ability.


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Benefits of Joining our Management Service

  • To relieve yourself from the mundane task of promoting your career, which leave you free to concentrate on creating and performing.
  • Being in a community of likeminded individuals, where you’d be inspired, encouraged and motivated.
  • Having the services of a booking agency/management and being on an active register where your profile/music/and work would be constantly reviewed by interested people in the industry. Without you having to send endless documentation which seldom invoke a response.
  • Worldwide publicity specifically to your needs through our platform
  • Your own identity that can be accessible from your mobile to use as a business card.
  • Get featured on our artist of the month section. Included in our news and press releases without having to deal with it yourself.
What does Octavia Music hope to gain from building this platform?
Creating a music industry platform that helps talented and creative people achieve success. (Explanation) After the old system of bringing talents to the public domain collapse due to the loss of trust and investment, imagination and understanding of the new technology that was swiping through the music industry, life as a musician became that much harder, realising the dream that drove artists/performers had less chance of coming true. Many of the technology companies went on to carved out sections of the music industry for themselves. Some though proved to be very beneficial to the artists and the industry on the whole. Nevertheless the environment became impossible for new artists in terms of making a career out of making music. Understanding the new hardware have been and still is a hit and miss affair. And for those who directly see their business as exploiting the artists, it further mudded the path in which the artists travel to accomplished success. Octavia Music (Octavia Multimedia Group) aim to incorporate the old expectation with the new technology and create a path where talented individuals can be supported to be the best they can.
Will Octavia help me get more gigs?
Yes, if your music and performance is up to marketable standard.
Would I get paid when I play at the gigs Octavia arrange?
Yes because we have various packages we will negotiate with the venue owners, which will benefit the venue owner, the artist and our company.
If we get a recording contract, will we get an advance payment?
No, not in the old fashion way advance payment was given to artists, which was a down payment on expected sales of the records, which has to be paid back before you get another payment. And in most cases, that advancement was never paid back to the record companies because the record in question did not achieve the expected sales. (There are many examples within the history of the music industry.) That’s a lost the record labels had to absorb or take a long term view of that artist if their reputation is growing in the eyes of the public. It’s also the reason I believe the record labels are no longer willing to take the chances they once did. In place of advance payment Octavia music (Octavia Multimedia Group) provided the support of their organisation giving the artist a chance to grow.
How long would I be contracted to Octavia Music for?
It depends on mutual agreements. It could be for one single, one EP or one album with options.
How does Octavia Music earn commission?
Octavia Music will earn its commission from an agreed percentage, which would be agreed in writing.
Why are you charging subscriptions?
To pay for the platform/website and for the continued maintenance, support and upgrade of the system to keep it relevant to the ever-changing technological world.
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