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"Gold" Level Management Subscription.  Gives more access to those who subscribe to Gold Package Subscription, on OctaviaMusic, One Stop Shop Music Platform.  Weather you started with the Standard Package, then Premium and then Gold.  Or you decided to start with the Gold Package.  You still have to go through the same procedure as if your were subscribing to the Standard Package.  In that, you register, (to create an Account).  Then subscribe to the Gold Subscription, then fill in the necessary forms etc.  Gold Subscription, is where your skills, activities, attitude, commitments would be closely watched.  Because, its from there decissions would be made as to weather you are capable of undergoing the commitments, routine, demands, reguire of "Full Management Subscription on OctaviaMusic, One Stop Shop Music Platform.  Personal and career commitments.

Artists, Musicians, Can Octavia help you?

 “Gold" Level Management - Subscription. gives more access to those who subscribe to "Gold," package on OctaviaMusic One Stop Shop Music Platform."  Weather you started from the Standard package, then Premium, and then Gold, or straight to Gold, you still have to go through the procedure, like you would, registering and subscribing in "Standard.  Combining the services of Standard and Premium, with extra services, when you subscribe to the Gold package.  Booking Agency, Selling your music, T-shirts, tickets for your events. Promoting you as an Artist/Band musician or performer. As well as being included in the showcases that are organised to promote the company and subscribing artists, musicians, performer, or songwriter.  Specials showcase with invited guest and some of your fans will be organised to show your talent.  Your activities as a Gold subscriber, will be closely watched and scrutinised, because it  would be on your skills, attitude, commitment as a Gold subscriber, that would be the decider as to weather you make the move to, "Full Management Subscription. 

“Gold” subscription gives you access to our ticket sales, booking Agency section.  We would publicise and sell tickets of your events, (to the public and your fans.) (Subject to an agreed). We are encouraging venue owners to register and join our (Registered Venue List.) which is accessible on this website.  We are expecting to build a working relationship with these venues in promoting (Live Music in the Community.) Especially when we organise, promotional events and tours.  Such activities would naturally benefit being a registered and subscribing member of "Octavia Music GOLD package."  Your music would be available for purchase on our system as download or physical copies. And on our radio streaming section. (Subject to agreement and the required standard in quality and content).  We will print and sell t-shirts with yours or your band image, (Subject to agreement). 

  • We offer support & promotionwould for groups, artists, musicians, performers, accessible globally.
  • Organise and Sell tickets for your event, (Subject to agreement).
  • Promote your band/group to venue owners.
  • Put your music & video Image on our “Website Radio streaming system.”
  • Press release your activities as and artist, musician, performer, inform you fans and followers.
  • Encourage and mentor your career, through special feature, events, blogs, news, press releases, magazine and social media.
  • Promote your OctaviaMusic Artist Page and IP address.
  • Mentor, support and encourage you to obtain as standard relevent to the standard requuire to be a "Full Management Subscriber.

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