Gold Subscription


  • Includes Standard & Premium Package. of Octavia®Music, "One Stop Shop Music Platform™.
  • "Gold Subscriber gives you the opportunity to start working as a semi-pro artist, musicians, singer, performer.  With OctaviaMusic behind you. 
  • Gold Subscription, is our Semi-pro management package, access to our Booking Agency, Personal promotion, image refinement, collaboration, and inclusion to organised events, gigs, tours, & sale of tickets. (Subject to contract/agreement). 
  • Benefits: Active Sales of your music, t-shirts, poster and merchandise, (Subject to written agreement.)   Promotion to other agencies, venue & Club owners/managers. Organised showcases and competitions. relying on skills, attitude, commitments. With the view towards Full Management Subscription.
  • Connections: Teachers, Producers,   
Artists, Musicians? Octavia Can Help!

 “Gold" - Subscription. Includes Standard & Premium Package.  Octavia®Music "One Stop Shop Music Platform™."  Being a Gold Subscriber, gives you the opportunity to start working as a Semi-pro career artist, musician, singer, performer.  Gold Subacription, is our Semi-pro management package.  Additional access to our Booking Agency.  More personal promotion and image refinement.  With colaboration, and inclusion to our organised Events and sales of tickets.  Manage events and promotion. (Subject to written contracts/agreements.)  Promote you as an Artist/Band, musician, singer or performer to other agencies and venue owners/managers and clubs. (National & International) Secure payment and conditions on organised gigs, tours and promotion.  Invited guest and fans to special organised, gigs, tours and talent events.  Put you forward for competitions (Battle of the Band etc.)  Gold Subscription is where your activities as a subscriber, will be closely review and scrutinised.  With consideration to becoming a "Full Management," Subscriber.  Octavia Recording artist.  You skills , attitude, commitment would be judge to ensure the right candidate is taken to the next stage of Full Management.  

“Gold” Subscription indicates that you are prepare and willing to be working full time at your choosen profession.  Performing at events and making a living from your work.  We would promote, publicise and sell tickets to your events, to your fans and public. (Subject to agreement.). Encouraging venve owners/managers to join our (Venue Registered List.) accessible online, on this website.  Giving us access to their information when organising events.  Ensuring professional treatment, when Octavia®Music artist appears at their venue.  Part of Octavia®Music "One Stop Shop Music Platform™.  Building a working relationship with these venues owners/managers to promote, (Live Music in the Community.) It would be especially usefull, when organising or promoting, events, gigs, tours and festivals.   Your music, event & t-shirts, would be available to purchase as download or physical copies. On our website, podcast, streaming, to be view, like, or share. (Subject to agreement and the required standard in quality and content).  Printed t-shirts of you or with your your band image, (Subject to agreement). 

  • We supports & promotes your groups, artists, musicians, singers, performers, globally.
  • Organise and Sell tickets for your event, (Subject to agreement).
  • Promote your band/group to venue owners and other agencies, for colabration.
  • Your music, video, image, streaming, downloads, phisical copies from our Website:  
  • Press release to your fans and public.  Your activities as an artist, musician, singer and performer.  
  • Encourage and mentor your career, through special feature, events, blogs, news, press releases, magazine and social media.
  • Promote your Octavia®Music Artist Page and IP address.
  • Mentor, support and encourage you to obtain the standard relevent to move forward to "Full Management Subscription.

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