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  Vacancies for writers, Music event reporting, Local, National, International.  (Fill in the application form below.) and submit.

Octavia Music Magazine.

There are vacancies for writers in areas/regions, as discribe below, to supply articles for our music magazine on a two monthly basis. And when the magazine move to monthly issues.  The applicant, must have knowledge in music, clubs, festivals and gigs scene and a taste for the popular genre of music, if not all. (We cover all genre) The articles must be factual, also getting the reaction of the audiance. Able to interview artists etc. Realiability and puntuality is essencial.  For areas that speak other lanuages. The writer needs to submit their articles with an English version.

The Writer. 

This positon would best suite a freelance writer who are capable of take appropriate pictures to accompany their article.  Articles would be paid for at the agreed rate when it is used, and the writer would be credited as the source.  Only one writer would be choosen per area/region. Unless, that person can convince us, that they are capable of taking on more than one area/region.  The subject would be; The Event, the Place, the Music, the Performer, the Performance, the Audiance and the reaction to the event.  

These are the areas we are looking for writers to report on.

National:   London CoventryBirmingham, Nottingham Liverpool, ManchesterShefield, LeedsStaffordshire, Sunderland,  Exeter,  Cardiff, Bristol,  Swansea,  Glasgow,  Edingbrough,  Aberdeen,  Ireland North,  Wolverhampton,  Kidderminster.

International:  America, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Cyprus, Tenarif, Holand,  Poland,  Ireland South.

Local:  Shrewsbury,  Bridgnorth,  Telford, Newport,  Whitchurch,  Ludlow,  Welshpool, Oswestry,  Newtown.  


Please fill in the Application below and submit it to be considered and you will be notify of the result. {We thank you in advance for your time.}

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