New releases and Pre-orders

New releases, would be promoted prior to the release date.  And we would make it possible for fans of the artist in question to be notify and a chance to pre-order their copies.  The same would be, for tickets for events, gigs, tours, festivals.  Artists, musicians, performers and songwriters, has a duty to nurture their fans.  It would pay dividends on tickets sales, new releases and attendances.  We as a company can promote the artists, their product, their events to their fans.  But that special acknowledgement that a fan,( or fans) desire to compell them to spend their time and revenue on an artist, has to come from the artist's teatment and behaviour towards their fans.

To maintain a career in the music industry, each and every artist's fans is the key.  And the sooner that is understood, would go a long way to being successful. Encourage fans to sign up for newsletters from our platform would be helpful to artists who register and subscribes to our One Stop Shop Music Platform.  That way they would be in the know and not have to rely on hearsay or tv or newspaper.

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