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Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd®. (Octavia®Music, "One Stop Shop Music Platform™)," is about music, artist management and music publisher, working to supports and promote artists, musicians, singers, performers and songwriters (of all genre.) To create and maintain a career in the music industry, with expectations of a fair return for their effort as or like prefessionals in other industries.  With supporting subsidiary companies: i.e. Record Label, Artist Management, Music Publishing, (Publisher) Artist Mentor, Music Magazine, Recording Studio, Online Music Shop (Store), Booking Agent, Event planning & Ticket sales. All inhouse, (under one roof) catering for its subscribing members.  The initial contact is through its "Standard Subacription Package." Which is being used as its A & R Submissiob vehicle. The use of any other A & R submission system would not be concidered.  The first step is to "Register," by creating an account.  Then subscribe to the "Standard," subscription package.  There is where it allows you pay your monthly subscription.  Its £29.99 for the "Standard package.  You are then a subscribing member of Octavia©Music, One Stop Shop Music Platform.  Then, using the "Registration form," Upload your relevent details, which would be used to create your unique Octavia Artist™ IP address Page.  Which would be displayed together with all the relivent contacts, to be use by the artists, their fans and industry professionals. From there, depending on the individual's needs, they would be encourage to upgrade to the other subscription packages. From "Standard to Premium, to Gold," which we consider to be semi-pro activities.  "Full Management," is the professional level, for those who's ability and desire is catered for on a professional level.  Refer to the 4 levels of management on the  "Home Page, of our website.  Services on offer, are related to: organied events, such as tours, gigs, festivals, showcases, competitions, ticket sales. Recording, publishing, management, live performances, magazine features, articles, promotion, appearances and interviews. Distribution and merchandise sale. In other words, we support artists to fulfil their dreams.

Octavia®Music aim: is to try and redress some of the issues in the music industry, bringing it more towards the creators and performers in the industry.  It is widely understood that a change of attitude and mindset amongst artist, performers and musicians, would be the starting place for any changes that would make a difference to the outcome.  And that can be viewed as a tall order.  But, as said before by a very wise person that "The longest journey starts with the first step."  And so, Octavia®Music, is taking that first step.  We have no illusion that the journey would be easy.  But it is hope, that when the benefit is begining to filter into the pockets and lives of those creators and performers, it would become clear to them that this journey was and is necessary.  We haven't got all the answers, but we felt, we can make a start, by providing a platform in which the artists/musicians/performers/singers/songwriters, feel supported, to fulfil their life's dream, or just a place where they can have a go to test their ability.  We have long held the belief, that it should be possible, for those who had gone to school, collage or university, to learn to create and or perform music, should expect to have and maintain a career as professionals in other industries do.  To that degree, fair work for fair return.  Enabling those who choose music as a profession, to have a decent living from their effort.  As plumber, carpenter, bricklayer or electrician in the building industry enjoys.  Even to a point of feeling, they have a right to.  They don't automatically expects to give their time and labour for free, after paying for the tools and materials and transportation to the workplace.  And the public don't automatically expect that from them.  So why should't artists, musicians, creators and performers enjoy the same expectation?  Afterall, the professionalism expected from them are about the same, if not more for those who are creators and performers, having more paymasyers to please on every occasion.  We are of the belief, that there ought to be some prospect of success, having invested heavily in time, expences and devotion.  We have made the investment, thereby enabling them to improve their knowledge and performance, but most of all their quality of life.  Octavia®Music, One Stop Shop Music Platform is for artists, musicians, singers, performers and songwriters, to get support to concerntrate on perfecting their art. Whether their desire is to perform locally, nationally globally. 

Career Support:  Octavia®Music "One Stop Shop Music Platform™," is the place to be if you are an "Up and coming artist, musicians, performer & singers songwriters." We give support, promotion and encouragement.  For those who are talented.  It could make all the difference to your career.  Above all, its worth giving us a try. Action: Register (to create an account.)  Then, Subscribe to the Standard Subscription.  Then using the Artist Registration Form  upload your details.  From which we would create your own individual Octavia Artist™ IP Address Page, for use by you, the public, and industry professionals as your live Business Card and Poster. 

On going project:  . Working with Venue Owners/Managers to build an inhouse Venue Registration List.  Having access to the information when arganising events and promoting artist, record releases and tours.  We are encouraging Venue Owner/Manager, to partner with us in creating this list.  And by subscribing to a monthly subscription of £39.99, benefit from exposure in our publications and promotions.  We are a supporter of live music performances within walking distance in communities.



Octavia®Music “Keeping Music Real™,” is our moto.  Its probably a cliché borrowed from the nineteen sixties and seventies. But nevertheless, it's a belief we try to aspire too.  We want singer to sing.  Musicians to play the instrument.  That belief is in conflict with the digital world we now living in.  But we would like to think they can cohabit and the art of playing and singing don't disappear completely.  So that cliché of the sixes and seventies "Keeping Music Real™" is just as important today as it were then.  Upholding the distinction of the genres, thereby that genre can be developed to its full potentials. What do we mean by that? Well, for example, take Reggae Music: In the 1960/70s (nineteen sixties and seventies) when Reggae was just an idea derived from Ska and Blue Beat music in Jamaica and London by West Indians and being spearheaded by groups, such as “Burning Spear, Toot and the Mattels and others. And the early releases of Bob Marley. Reggae was intuitive and inspiring. There were lots of ideas that were in the mix that got left behind, when those with their eyes on only making money stepped in. To be earnest, you could say that about all the genre in music, like Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Country.  But these genre are still being developed in its purist form.  We have no objection to the influience of Jazz/R&B mix and that goes for all other genres. But that should not be the death of the original idea. It is true that genre stem from other genre, but that should not be the death of the genre that gave life to the new brand.

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