Register your venue with Octavia Music. And be a part of our move to creating careers for musicians, artists and performers. Letting their fans know, at your venue, there is always a hearty welcome, entertainment and a well maintained venue. Where they can feel safe to go and enjoy themselves. Your reputation will grow with us and your locals will look forward to join in with the events. Especially, when its an artist, musician and performer, they are a fan of. You will be part of a list of "Registered Venues." And we look forward welcoming you on board.

Register your venue with Octavia

Get all these benefits when registering your venue!

Benefit 1

Your venue will be seen by visitors to this site globally.  OctaviaMusic is a strong supporter of live music and live music venues.  We strongly supports the idea of having live music within walking distance to music lover, and communities.

Benefit 2

When you register your venue with us.  OctaviaMusic will feature your venue in their music magazine, Blog, Upcoming Events from time to time and particularly when you have something interesting going on.  And up and coming artist would have access to your information i.e.  Your location, what type of venue, its capacity, its services (Stage and equipment, the type of music you cliental loves, hours of opening.  And be seen by other artists and agents as well as the fans that would travel to see their artist.  And your venue would be accessible on our website 24/7 globbally.  I do not believe this type of service is available anywhere else.

Benefit 3

Depending on your capacity, cliental and region, we would alway consider useing your venue when scheduling promotions for our artist and events.  In cases of new releases, promotion and showcases.  When organising tours for our up and coming artist, promoting a record, event or gigs.  We would be in possession of all your relevent details to put in the mix. And you would have access to artist, musicians and performers.  It would be hard to find a better opportunity to have your venue associated with the making of some idols, that in time will include where they perform on their way up in their story and Bio. Think of the Beatles and Rolling Stone. 


Benefit 4

When you are a registered Venue:  If and when we use your venue for a tour or promotion of an artist, we would do all the advertising, promotion, on local radio, and local television, local newspapers as well as our media links, website and blogs.  And sell the tickets for the event, (if required with agreement)

Most of your entire venue would be part of the growing movement of live music within walking distance in the community. Provide a service for music lovers and supporting a strong vibrant social communities that is encouraging activities for their communities in order to engage their youth in the community.  Also you will be part of the changing era of music as a career rather than a hobby or pastime.  Those changes may very well be helpful to your business in the future and your standing in the community. Move forward to and "Register Your Venue.

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