Octavia recording studio is still under construction. When complete it will be used mainly for artists assigned to Octavia Records and Octavia Artist Management. We will however, when space in our schedule is available offer the facility to others. In the meantime we will be using other recording studios to record our artists. Overseering the productions, producing, arrangement and mastering. We are trying to develope a standard that would reverberate through our brand, making it a sign post to quality.

We are working with Sibelius 7 and Sibeliue 8 which allow us to write scores and sheet music for publishing and arranging. Neuatron Autoscore Lite for transposing live music, such as CDs Mp3 and Records into sheet music and editing. And Pro-tools 12, the latest version for recording, editing and mastering. Taken an intense cource at SSR in Manchester to keep up to date with the advancement in music technology. We realise there are other software, but we feel comfortable working with Avid Technology. We understand their ambitions to perfection and their response when contacted.

OctaviaMusic believe in arranging the music before going into the studio to record it, followed by intense rehearsal, means we come out with the product we intended and want. Saving studio time and bringing more of the rewards to the creators. In the days when one would go into the studio with just a slibit of an idea and spend days, weeks, months in the studio, costing loads of money and ending up with music that never see the light of day, I believe is gone. OctaviaMusic aim is to get the best for it's artists whilst entertaining their recipient.

OctaviaMusic Studio is interested in Producers who are producers in all genre or even those who are specalist in one genre, who are willing to work within a community of our platform and share our values to creating a support enviroment for musicians, to develop their skills.



OctaviaMusic is interested in forming a relationship with Recording engineers, who are skilled with Pro-tools and other software. It could be on a project by project basis or when our studio is complete to work for us. Some one who can bring out the live element of the recorded music.

Its our intention to form what is know in the industry as a "House Band," These are musicians on who we can call on to back our artists on tour or in the recording studio. It would be musicians of every profession and skills. Including backing singers as well. We need to have your full details on a register to be able to match the right operative with the artists. You can email me your details a INFO@OCTAVIAMUSIC.COM

We are not sure if there is such a profession as a software technician, but we believe with the stride thats been made with the software in the music industry, there ought to be such a person. A software technician would advise us on the improvements we need to make and investment to have the best tooling for the job and means of getting the best result/product from it.

Mastering is an art and deserve the same skill as the other profesions in the music industry, marrying the capacity of the software with the creativity of the artist and musicians. Such a person can be idolised as a guru when what they do reach the spot that others cannot reach. OctaviaMusic will be looking to work with or associate with that person.


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