A&R Submission

All A & R submission, would be accepted when its through our website.  We have built in all the necessary forms and plugin to recieve, all the information necessary to consider an artist, their music, performance, pictures and Bios.  Sending us links by email to other platform has proved unworkable for us.  And so those who send their information that way in the future would not recieve a response.

We are very commited to our project and have spent a great deal of time and money, so as to give the service that would result in giving the dedicated individual a chance for success.  And the system we have put in place.  We feel, more consideration could be given to those who are serious about time spend achieving their aims.

We are asking those who are serious to take one more step, by registering and subscribing to get access to our services.  Again its the level of commitments we would respond to. This is not design to put anyone off, far from it, its designed to give a wake up call to those who has being dreaming about music, and basking in the glory, that is as misty as the clouds. 

All those who have already sent their info and music with links to another platform by email, would be notified and re-directed to the section of the website, where they can re-submit their work to us.  And I hope they all take the opportunity to do so. "Looking forward to hearing from you all." Best of luck.

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