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"Standard" Management - Subscription.  Register and subscribe to this level of management on OctaviaMusic (One Stop Shop Music Platform.) and take your next step to further your career. Put your information, image, videos, music, and contact details, where it would be accessible.  (Globally.)  Engage with your fans on OctaviaMusic and build a fallowing which would help to promote you. Venue owners would know where to find you and book you. Engage with your fans from your OctaviaMusic Artist Page and IP address. Our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," was designed to. Support & Promote artists, musicians, performers, songwriters to gain and maintain a career in the music industry.  Much like the professions in other industries.


“Standard" Management -Subscription.  is the lowest level of subscription on OctaviaMusic (One Stop Shop Music Platform.) And is recomended as the place to start.  Register and subscribe to this level gets you access to the services provided by the platform.  You need to do both, (Register & Subscribe.) to have access.  Anything less would not give you access.  Having started with the "Standard," and you feel you are gaining/benefiting by being a member.  In time, (Depending on your needs and expertise.) you could migrate to "Premium," "Gold," or "Full Management - Subscription,” It require commitment to your chosen career, pastime or profession.  We are asking you to register and subscribe so we would be assured our work with you is not wasted.  We would only choose and work with those who register and subscribe.  Whether you are a working musician or a weekend performer.  We would work with all genre and level of profession to bring to the public (globally) a variety of style and professionalism.  The “Standard," (Subscription) is the minimum level required to be included on our (One Stop Shop Music Platfrom.) system.  And depending on your competence, skill, commitment and requirement, “Premium," "Gold" and "Full" Management - Subscription," would be, (for some) the levels to aspire to for progress.

“Standard” Management - Subscription. On our "One Stop Shop Music Platform."  (Octavia Artist Management) would get your details put on our system.  With pictures and video of present and past performance.  You OctaviaMusic Artist Page, IP address/ URL address which you can send to your fans and anyone you wish to.  Your Bio, Tour dates, Tune in, other relevant information, Contact, Social media link. Your fans would be able to engage with you, through email, and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Your video would be on your page to be seen by our global visitors.  You can then direct fans and venue owners to your page.  They would get to see you perform and able to book you from this website.  (Subject to agreement.) If you are the act they are looking for.  The standard subscription gets your information on our site, (Accessible globally.)

  •  Take your next step with OctaviaMusic (One Stop Shop Music Platform.) to further your career.
  •  Put your information, image, music, video and contact details where it would be accessible. (Globally.)
  •  Engage with your fans on OctaviaMusic and build a fallowing which would help to promote you.
  • Venue owner would know where to find you and book you.
  • You will be able to send your URL address to others as your business card.
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Fans and other professionals can engaged with you from information from here.

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