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"Standard" Management - Subscription.  Register (by creating an account) then, subscribe to the Standard Management Subacription.  On OctaviaMusic (One Stop Shop Music Platform.) and take the next step to create and maintain a career in the music industry, with the same expectation as professionals in other industries.  Get your information, image, Bio, videos, MP3 music, contact details, where it would be accessible, (Globally).  Engage with your fans from OctaviaMusic Artist Page and build a fallowing which would help to promote you. Venue owners would know where to find you when looking for entertainers for their events.  OctaviaMusic "One Stop Shop Music Platform," would be there to encourage, Support & Promote, artists, musicians, performers and songwriters to create and maintain a career in the music industry.  With the same expectation as professionals in other industries.

Musicians Business Card. Use It.

“Standard" Management -Subscription.  The Starting level subscription on OctaviaMusic (One Stop Shop Music Platform.) Register (by Creating an account) then subscribe to this "Standard Subscription). Get access to the services and start building your profile.  (Its used as our A & R Submission). Thereafter, use the "Artist Registration Form," to upload your details.  Your contact number, email and your music.  We would then, evaluate the information you provide to set up your IP address, Artist Page.  It is important to provided all the information requested, to avoid delay completing the process. Your image and details, will appear on the Home Page, under "Latest Artist," which links to your Artist page.  There to find, your (Details, Bio, Tour Dates, Tune In, More Information, Contact Details, Engagement with Fans, Register of Fans or Updates, Updates on your activities. Video & MP3 Player.)  Being the latest artist to register & subscribe, you get mention in press release, Blog, Social Media and Octavia Music Magazine. And, for as long as you maintain your subscription, your information would be accessable globally, to use as your business card and promotional tool.  We would encourage, support and promote you when performing, making personal apperances or chariety work.  Depending on needs and expertise.  The opportunity to upgrade to the higher levels "Premium," "Gold," or "Full Management - Subscription,” Is just a matter of upgrading your subscription.  It would demand time a bit more commitment and professionalisum.  But, if all you wish is to be a weekend musician, this is the perfect platform for getting regular work. 

“Standard” Management - Subscription. On OctaviaMusic, "One Stop Shop Music Platform."  (Octavia Artist Management) gets you your own IP address and Artists Page. your details on the platform.  Pictures, video, & MP3 player, for streaming your music and activities, present and past performance.  Fanpage, Access to Tune In with your fans.  Bio, Tour dates, other relevant information, Contact, Social media link. Your fans would be able to engage with you, through email, and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Your video would be streamed on your page.  And all that would be viewed, followed globally. Fans and venue owners could be directed to your page on their mobile phone. 

  • Take your next step with OctaviaMusic (One Stop Shop Music Platform.) to further your career.
  •  Put your information, image, music, video and contact details where it would be accessible. (Globally.)
  •  Engage with your fans on OctaviaMusic and build a fallowing which would help to promote you.
  •  Venue owner would know where to find you when looking for entertainers to book for their events.
  •  Start the process of creating and maintaining a career in the music industry.  Use us as your business card.
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