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  • Is used as our A & R Submission for access to our services.  Register (to create an Account) Then, Subscribe  to this: Standard Subscription. Package.  There after, use the Artist Registration Form to upload your details, and images.
  • From your information we then creates your unique Octavia® IP Artist Page.  To include your: Bio, Image, Tour Dates, Contact details, Video, Mp3, Music Etc. to use as your live business card and poster.   
  • Benefits:  Support and Promotion, Global & Mobile access.  Visable to Venue/Club owners/managers. Inclusion on our Home Page, Blog, Newsletters, Social Media, Press Release, Music Magazine (Octavia Music Magazine)
  • Connections: Music pros, Fans interaction, Parties of interest. Like minded music community of creative people.   
Musicians Business Card. Use It.

“Standard" Subscription. is Octavia®Music (One Stop Shop Music Platform™.) A & R Admission section. And How to get a music manager.  Registering and then subscribing to have access, is how Artist - Bands - Singers - Musicians- Performers, would get started with an artist manager and getting to create an account and an artist page, and benefit from this new concept of management. Contacts of managers was through the usual concept of A & R Submission.  But in our concept, this been change.  We now ask artist striving to create a career in the music industry. to use our "Standard," subscription for access to services to our "One Stop Shop Music Platform."  We are unable to deal with materials sent through the post or emails, with links to other platforms. So when you become an artist who need a manager.  Try our "Standard," subscription for access, doing away with all the uncertainty of using the usual A & R ways.  Getting a manager, getting a booking agent, to get more gigs, tours and concerts.  Our method are more direct to getting artists managers contact number.  Searching for artists managers are made easy, coming direct to our platform. All you need to do is Register to Create an account. (That part is free.)  Then, subscribe to this "Standard Subscription" package for £29.99 per month. Thereafter, using the "Artist Registration Form," to upload your details and images.  We then, create your own unique Octavia®Music, Artist IP Address Page.  And you are no your way, it includes, your: Bio, Tour Dates, Tune In, More Information, Contact Details, Engagement with Fans, Register of Fans or Updates, regular Updates of your activities. Video & MP3 Player, Social Media and merchandise.  You will be advised and encourage to use your page as you do your phone.  Using your email and password. And you appears on out Home Page, (Latest Artist) section.

What is a "Artist Manager?" and "How does a management company helps my career?" Well, the music industry is very complex, and an artist management company guides your through its complexity. Plus getting you in places you need to be to grow your visibility and profile.  And our Standard Subscription package, are the beginin of that journey.  And you'll get to use your membership as your live business card and poster, from your mobile.  As well as being visual globally.  Our support and promotion would energise your advancement.  Make that move, register & subscribe. to get included in press releases, Blogs, Social Medias and Octavia Music Magazine. It would benefit you, even if all your wish is for regular gigs and just playing local or national.  Thats your first step before being encourage to upgrade to, "Premium," "Gold," the other parts of the Semi-pro packages or the major step to "Full Management - Subscriptions,” Which are designs for professionals.  But having the experience of the semi-pro packages would have built your confidence and skills, to take the steps towards being a professional.  Performing regular gigs, tours, festivals and concerts, events, all through our active Booking Agency Section.        

“Standard” - Subscription. gives access to Octavia®Music, "One Stop Shop Music Platform™."  (Octavia Artist Management™) And gives you your own Octavia®, IP Artist Page.  Your details, Pictures, video, & MP3 player, Streaming of your music, activities, (present and past). Fans page, so your fans could Tune In see your Bio, Tour dates, Contact etc.  Engage with your Social media links.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Video streaming on your page.  And being available to Venue owners/mangers, and event planners, globally.    

  • Octavia®Music (One Stop Shop Music Platform™.) Standard Subscription, gives you access that would reward you support and promotion, to further your career in the music industry. 
  • Having your profile, image, music, video and contact details on our platform, accessible. (Globally.) would drives your career towards success.
  • Access to engage with your fans on your Octavia®Music Artist page, to grow your fanbase, sell more tickets to your events, and creating a buzz, which helps your career.
  • Venue managers/owners and event planners would be able to get all your details instantly when looking for artists/musicians to perform at their venue or events.  .
  • Building your career with Octavia®Music. the artist friendly platform, would reduce your stress and improve your chances.  
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