Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd. is the parent company of a group of companies trading in the music business, record label and entertainment management industry.
They consist of a record label.             (Octavia Records Limited™ ). 
A music publishing company.               (Octavia Music Publishing Limited™ ).
An artist management company.          (Octavia Artist Management Limited™ ).
An artist development company.           (Octavia Artists Limited™ ).  
A recording studio.                                (Octavia Studio Limited™ ).
A music shop.                                        (Octavia Music Shop Limited™ ),
And a music magazine.                         (Octavia Music Magazine Limited™ ).

For Contact:      info@octaviamultimediagroup.com

Companies Directors:

Michael Alexander (MD)

Nathan Alexander (Director)

The Directors, (Michael Alexander and Nathan Alexander) is father and son, both singer/songwriters with a passion for music and performing.  Michael started writing songs at the age of fifteen and went through all the usual practice in getting his songs published, when he finally got the publishers interested in his writing, he became astonished by the sort of contract they wanted him to sign and resorted to writing and putting his songs in a cupboard for the time when he know enough about publishing to publish his songs himself.  In the meantime he tried to be an actor, but could not get the work and so he went into modelling and were trained at the (London school of modeling) but again he could not get the work and ended up managing a band who were on the brink of success started infighting.  Michael then joined the PRS-MCPS as a member where he has been very vocal for change.

Nathan Alexander seem to have taken a rib from his father when it comes to music, after leaving school and deciding to make music his career he spent sometime in college and then went to university to learn amongst writing and playing instruments, Music technology and management.  And so it felt right to set up Octavia Multimedia Group Limited, with it several parts.

The Directors felt is was the prefered vehicle towards achieving their aim in the music industry.  Having everything they need in house to further their careers in the music industry and entertainment management industry, as well as the careers of the other Artists assigned to the record label offering the complete package.  Record label, music publishing, artist management, artist developement, recording studio, music shop and music magazine for promoting not only their careers  and creativity of artists assigned to the company, but to promote the  "Octavia©," Brand and Trademark, in merchandising, advertising, fashon and events.

"Octavia ®   "  is the  (Intellectual Property) "Brand and TradeMark," of Octavia Multimedia Group Limited ®

"OCTAVIA ® ,"  it is hope in years to come, would be synonymous with creative music, memorable performances and true professionalism.  And magical moments to savor.  Where Talents would be nurtured, developed and encouraged to achieve the best they can be.  We want to get into your heart and stay there.

"OVTAVIA ® ,"  is the brainchild of the two Directors, Michael B. Alexander and Nathan B. Alexander, They believe they have come this far with the help and support of some very clever and committed individuals who's hard work and ability, was is and will be, a very important part of fulfilling their dream.  And which the Directors are very grateful to those individuals.  And to further express this sentiment for their continued support.

"OCTAVIA ® ,"  is not only the "NAME, BRAND and TRADEMARK," of the Octavia Multimedia Group Limited ® and it's subsidary companies, but it is also the name of the Grandmother and Great Grandmother of the two Directors.  And it is with the same love and affection that they have for this wise, remarkable and lovely lady, who were a very strong influence in their lives, that they approach this music business venture, with hope determination and expectations. 


Anyone who lived through the 60s, 70s and 80s era, with the mixture there was of, soul music, rock music, pop music, funky music and disco music, and even country music and punk music,  would have more of an idea of what it felt like to be filled with the feelings that music and the people who wrote, produced and performed these music, were much more a part of their wellbeing, culture, asperation and reasons for living than just entertainment.  And it seems that every generation since has taken inspiration from what went on back then.  The Artists, writers and musicians through their writing, singing, music and performances were somehow able to reach their SOUL, and gave meaning hope and inspiration to the lives they were living. From the rock musicals theatre productions to the open air festivals, even the flower power followers.  Those involved were able to take the listeners, viewers, and attendents  to their concerts on a journey, and for those of us who were lucky to have experienced it, still live it as if it were yesterday.  That journey does not end.  And "Octavia® ," wants to add a chapter or footprints in the path of that journey.


The aim of everyone involved in this Octavia Music business and entertainment industry venture, is not to re-lived that era, but to learn from it by ways of inspiration, innovation, professionalism, belief in one's ability and in the ability of others, integrity and with a real sense of enjoyment and creativity, create something for the 2010s and 2020s and beyond.  And your part in this dream, (call it a vision if you prefer,)  is as important as the dream or vision itself.  Engagement and support from you is assential.  We expect you to get connected and help us to drive this dream, like the phrase of the 60s, "Switch on, tune in and drop out."  But in this case "Drop in, let's have a party!"  Sign up to our membership, email, Artist Management Platform.  Join ours and artist's Fan Club.  Buy out music, sheet music, t-shirts & caps, attend our events and interact with our website.  Because our direction of travel is unique, we are constantly updating and inproving our website and services.  So what you saw yesterday maybe improved today and tomorrow.  Please give us feedback so we can include your views where it matters.