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Contract and record deals.

OctaviaMusic, (Octavia Records Ltd - Record Label) would only consider giving or getting into talks regarding recording contracts or record deals with artists who are registered and subscribing to one of the four levels of management, on Octavia Artist Management. Its a policy we have adopted to save us wasting time, or giving contracts to those we know nothing about.  By being a registered and subscribing members of our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," we would have the best opportunity to evaluate the artist, musicians or performers.  Thereby, giving us information and knowledge we wouldn't otherwise have.  Its part of the services we provide as part of our "One Stop Shop Music Platform.

Times Have Changed.

Times have changed and OctaviaMusic "One Stop Shop Music platform," reflects the changes that is needed, to be productive and profitable in the music industry.  By cutting out the areas of uncertainty and chance taking.  I have myself known quite a few brilliant musicians and performers.  But a recording contract would be of no benefit to them, whatsoever.  And it may even panic them into meltdown. My case is proven by a situation that occur when I was a manager of a group in London.  Very talented musicians and performers Marvin Gaye's level of vocal competence from the lead singer.  Got them a recording contract.  They went into the studio and recorded the song.  Just when the record were to be release.  They started in-fighting about status.  I lost a great deal of money at the time.  The record company record the song with another group and they took it to Top Ten in the UK charts. 

Recording Contract or Record deal.

When we give a recording contract or negociate a record deal with an artist, we would at least be 60% certain, it would be as a reward for their membership and a subscriber of OctaviaMusic, "One Stop Shop Music Platform," Their hard work and that we feel they deserve it and to help to advance their skills.  But also, we would be at a stage when we feel its the right time and that they would appreciate the opportunity and continue to work hard in maintaining their career.

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