OctaviaMusic “Keeping Music Real,” is probably a cliché borrowed from the nineteen sixties and seventies.  But it is nevertheless just as important today as it were then.  Our view is to have musicians playing the music in its genre, thereby that genre can be developed to its potentials.  What do we mean by that?  Well, our example is Reggae:  In the nineteen sixties and seventies when Reggae was just an idea derived from Ska and Blue Beat music in Jamaica and London by West Indians and being developed, with groups like “Burning Spear, Toot and the Mattels and others.  And even the early releases of Bob Marley.  Reggae was intuitive and inspiring.  There were lots of ideas that were in the mix that got left behind, when those with their eyes on making money stepped in.  To be earnest, you could say that about all the genre in music, like Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Country.  We have no objection to Jazz/R&B mix and that goes for all other genres.  But that should not be the death of the original idea. It is true that genre stem from other genre, but that should not be the death of the genre that gave life to the new brand.  

Classical and Jazz, for instance have maintained their originality and continue to grow whilst contributing to new genres, like the Motown Sound, Funk, Rap, Hip-hop etc.  It is true that their supporters are far less than in their hay days, but they continue to inspire new commers, performers and supporters are able to get the venues support and finances and because of that, they can and do develop ideas with new artists.  It does not stop those that took inspiration from them building their own identity.  We believe the misrepresentation started with the hip-Disc Jockeys of the nineteen sixties and seventies, the life blood of the pirate radios, which mainstream presenters have adopted.  They (the pirate radio Disc jockeys) wanted to shake up the establishment.  Which they did when the majority of listeners were tuning on to them.  But it was destructive changes without a plan, as to what comes after.  And as history would tell you, it leaves ciaos in its wake.

Music is part of the symmetry of life.  I would not say civilized society.  Because music was around long before those holier than though idealist came about.  Every being on earth creates music, the wind, the rain, fire, and clouds.  Indeed, all creatures of our world live and conduct their lives by musical sounds.  Us humans has lost sight of its meaning, but the creatures intuitively instruct their young, how to create and apply their musical ability.  We believe it would go some way if we were to apply the same with our youths.  If we only look at creating music for monetary gain or to be famous, then I believe we are missing our on the joy of music. 

We have no problem with writers and performer, describing their music as Middle of the road or a variation of Country, Soul, funk, Pop, Jazz, Reggae etc.  But when you describe singing soul or jazz or funk or reggae, we expect that to be so.  We expect and accept variation and inspired interpretations.  But describing your music as Gospel, Soul, Jazz, Reggae should be a true representation.  That is what we mean by “Keeping Music Real.

We love and appreciate all genre of music when it is performed in its true sense.  We also appreciate and encourage skillful interpretations and variations.  Which is the reason why our “One Stop Shop Music Platform,” is constructed to support and promote all genre.  Ordinary, one would say they are a Rock music platform or a Pop music Platform.  But for us, music is music is music.  And each genre gives ideas and meaning to each other.  This is a new concept and expect, some may think it strange.  But all we are asking, is for you to give it a chance with your support.  And who knows, good may come out of it and lots and lots of hopeful creators and performers, just might benefit from it.  And wouldn’t music and its future be the better for it?  The answer is left with you.


© 2021 Octavia Multimedia Group.  Writer: Michael Alexander