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press release; news; letter; promotion; distribution; one stop shop;

  • Happy New Year 2020

    Happy new year, 2020.  Seasons greetings.  It's a New year and a new decade.  But the same everything else.  Well at OctaviaMusic we will be working harder towards making a difference.  Music wise, we are going to work harder and smarter, creating that dream we've been working towards for some years.

    Taking forward our new music to the studio and working with new artists from our artist management base, in this new year 2020.  Publishing new songs as downloads and sheet music.  Arranging gigs and events for our artists and doing lots of recordings. Firming up our base, supporting live music in the community.  The work we've been doing behind the scene creating our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," to support and promote artists and musicians to a career in the music industry is nearing completion and soon to be functioning at the level that will benefits and inspires future artists and musicians.

    So in wishing everyone, a happy new year 2020, as we let off the fire works.  Here is hoping that, we take all chances to make this new year 2020 a year of achievement.  Look out for OctaviaMusic and accept our invitation to join and support us.  Review us when you have a chance to do so.  Follow us on social media and send us your thoughts, likes and share us with your friends.  We look forward to getting to know you.  In the course of you getting to know us.  Happy new year 2020.  Seasons greetings to you all.  #octaviamusic @octavia133 #octavia #sheetmusic #music #artist #management

    We are looking forward to seeing our project, the "One Stop Shop Music Platform," succeed.  In helping more artists, musicians, singers, songwriters to a career in the music industry.  And making a good living from their music, performances and career.


  • New Artist Signing to Octavia Records

    New artist signing to Octavia Records, comes primarily from artists registered and subscribes to our subsidiary company, "Octavia Artist Management."  Which is part of our "One Stop Shop Music Platform." There are four levels to chose from.  "Standard," "Premium," "Gold," and "Full," management.  To register and subscribe too.  Above all, it gives us a chance to identify and evaluate said artist's skills and abilities.  Before granting their wish of becoming a new artist signing to Octavia Records.  Therefore, we will not contemplate, discussing or giving a record deal to any new artist until they have registered and subscribes to "Octavia Artist Management."  Therefore, to register and subscribe.  Make your way to www.octaviamusic.co.uk/artist-overview and follow directions to fill in all necessary forms and application's requirement.  

    Therefore, to those artists who previously sent us email inquiries, with links to their websites, music and or social media.  Let me say that, we would not be considering giving you a record deal, until you have registered and subscribes to "Octavia Artist Management."  Above all, subscribing gives you access to other services, such as, Music Publishing, Artist Mentoring, Music Studio, online Music Shop, Music Magazine, support and promotion.  Including, sales of merchandise, such as t-shirts and other products. Including distribution.  So, for those who need help in building a career in the music industry.  You need to register and subscribe to "Octavia Artist Management."  Part of Octaviamusic's "One Stop Shop Music Platform.".

    It's somehow being understood that; today's artists reliance mainly on social media, give away CDs and playing at events for free.  In the hope of achieving success.  is proving to be challenging to say the least.  And in the end, sometimes, forces them to give up on ideas of ever making it in the music industry.

    It is with that in mind, why we took steps to created this "One Stop Shop Music Platform," as a stepping stone for music creators and performers to get across the music industry waters.  The "One Stop Shop Music Platform." gives support to Artists / Musicians and Performers who's desire is to build a career in the music industry.  Just the same as it is, for carpenters, plumbers and electricians, in the building trade.  Whether they want to perform locally or become an international artist.  Giving them a choice of making a career and a living from something they love.

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