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OctaviaMusic Christmas Greetings

OctaviaMusic Christmas greeting, hoping for a kinder new year 2020.  This year let's made this one fill with hope and renewed trust in one an other.  This new year 2020 has the opportunity to be different, better, with care for those in need, truth in place of lies and togetherness in place of division.

In the music community, let's come together for the sake of the music.  Which is why there are such joy when musicians come together.  If we were to apply the same logic in our daily lives, I am sure we would all experience a sense of belonging, love and friendship towards one and other.

Christmas greetings are meant to re-affirm the kindness of us humans and our ability to bring changes, when and where it becomes necessary.  My hope is that the pass few years indicates to us, that it is very necessary and urgently needed.  It's in our heart, all we need, is to let it show.

So in sending out OctaviaMusic Christmas greetings, hoping for a kinder new year 2020, to one an all.  For a happy Christmas and a better and brighter new year.  Reverberate through out the world, and making us kinder to each other, its what the whole Christmas spirit is all about.

So as we welcome family and friends to celebrate this import part of the year.  And to catch up on what has gone on in each other's lives through the year which is fast fading.  Spear a thought for those who are unable to face the festive season, being alone, sick or struggling.  For the homeless, the mentally unwell.  Those who are without a meal to look forward too.  Because of deliberate action by those in power.  Look for the opportunity to express some human kindness.  Its what OctaviaMusic Christmas greeting, hoping for a kinder new year 2020, is what this Christmas greeting is trying to convey to everyone, especially on this festive time of the year.

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