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Octaviamusic Is Open For Business

OctaviaMusic website has been live for over a year now.  But we are continuing making updates to enable us to manage the different aspects of the music industry as we intended.  The one stop shop platform approach of doing business in the music industry is what we believe the industry was crying out for.  Our platform is design to provide all the services needed for an artist to achieve success.  To us it seems ideally logical to have such a platform so the artist can have at hand, all the services that supports him/her through out their career.  From discovery, nurturing, promoting and maintaining their career.  Including the distribution of their product.

We are still in the early stage.  But we view this as work in progress, according to the company's CEO / Managing Director, Mr. Michael Alexander.  He said, "Our intention is to provide opportunities and support for talented individuals. To have a career or become a professional in the music industry.  Individuals mistrust of the industry is causing the public to miss out on what could be an innovative industry.  Creating careers and income to a majority of those actively involved in creating today's music.

OctaviaMusic is not like other music platform or music streaming companies.  A one stop shop platform means exactly that, everything that is necessary to promoting an artist to their desired level of success.  A music community with producers, writers, musicians, sound engineers, software companies, live music venues, technicians, music collages, music teachers and more.  This is the goal, naturally it would take some time to achieve everything we want to, but OctaviaMusic believe it's possible.  To that end OctaviaMusic will only work with the serious of individuals who wish to make a career in the music industry and so we require them to subscribe to our Artist Management platform.

There are four types of subscriptions to accommodate the level of success, the individual wish to achieve.  All plainly explained on the website, www.octaviamusic.co.uk  It is perfectly natural for someone who loves playing music, if they just want to do it part time or only weekends and all that will be required is promotion and gigs.  And then there are those who want to go all the way from writing, recording, performing, touring and everything to do with being a successful musician/performer.  OctaviaMusic is about both levels and the in-between.  Over the coming years that would be the goal OctaviaMusic would be working towards, with the hope that many of you will travel with us on that journey.  "Keeping Music Real."

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