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Octavia Artist Management Subscription

Octavia Artist Management subscription, is the way for every artists to  access our management services.  Its the policy of OctaviaMusic to maintain and provide the support as intended to artists and musicians.  Registered  subscribing member to the "One Stop Shop," music platform, will also be entitled to the services of the other sections of the group.  There are four levels of subscriptions, paid monthly from the website: www.octaviamusic.co.uk

Each subscription level delivers a particular service, giving the artist the choice to decide which one suite him/her best.  "We have decided on a subscription system by way of getting the services artist needs, base on their ability and commitment."  Said Managing Director/CEO of Octavia Multimedia Group, (Michael Alexander)  He said, "We feel there is a need for such a platform, to support and promote up and coming music makers of tomorrow because of the changing dynamics of the music industry."

Octavia Artist Management Subscription is a way of taking a different approach to what was traditionally a hit and miss system, whereby you get discovered if you are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time,  Then with a bit more luck, given an exclusive contract and then maybe some (Taking a chance on) money would be spent in creating an image that the record label  believe they could sell to the public.  If their effort makes you a hit,  then success is on the horizon, if not you are forgotten.  Thereafter every effort made by you is met with negative response.   Our subscription method is designed as a working partnership, so that if and when the artist feel it is not working for them, they can just simply unsubscribe.

Octavia Artist Management Subscription changes the way we accept submission of music or artist for inclusion.  When you subscribe, you then get access to putting all the necessary information about you online.  For all those who have already sent us copies of their music or links to their music on say SoundCloud by email and expects to be included or to be promoted on our system, we would be sending them an email explaining our policy and direct them to our website: www.octaviamultimediagroup.com  www.octaviamusic.co.uk

Octavia Artist Management's website is constantly being upgraded, because we have a vision of what we want to achieve with the "One Stop Shop," music platform and the website are an essential part of that plan.  In-cooperate the new tech as they come on track and the knowledge gain as we continue on this project.  We are constantly learning from the artists and the industry and the ever  changing situation with global law and finances, and we want not to be left behind.  We are thankful to all those hard working individuals and companies who are being very co-operative and helpful.  We believe in what we are trying to achieve and with time, we hope you would too.  So join us, start subscribing and discover your potential.

(c)copyright 2018.  Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

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