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New Artist Signing to Octavia Records

New Artist signing to Octavia Records and Octavia Artist Management.  Octaviamusic is reaching out to new artists to sign on to their (Artist Management) platform which in turn could lead to a recording contract with (Octavia Records) and access to the music business community.   Octaviamusic is creating the vehicle, to support and encouraging artists/musicians, so they develop the strength to be successful in this technological age as an artist, musician, performer.  We believe the music lovers and supporters of the world would appreciate the result of such hard work.

Octavia Records as part of (Octavia Multimedia Group) realized that most new artists and existing artists are relying on social media and gigging alone to bring them success.  But all social media and gigging does is give the artist exposure.  And after the exposure you need to have a structure behind you looking after your interest to take advantage of that window of opportunity the exposure present.  To put it in a nut shell, that is the work Octaviamusic is doing behind the seen for the artist to bring about success.  But can only do such work for  artists assigned to their platform.

Octaviamusic has invested a great deal in time and money to create this platform and is confident that once the artists realized its all to their benefit to have the support behind them as they pursue their career in the music industry, Octaviamusic would then be well on its way to changing the mindset of those who work or venture into making a career in an industry that got their love, heart and soul, but not the income.

Octaviamusic "One Stop Shop," platform for artists, musicians and performers.  Formulate their policy and structure to enabling artist to earn a living from their chosen career, in the same way carpenters, plumbers and electricians do when they choose these trades as their career.  And we all know they raise families on their income.  We believe musicians can do the same, if they decided to become a working musician.  And if they decides to take their profession further with all the personal commitment that entails then the opportunities are there  and Octavia Multimedia Group is just the place for artists as gifted and talented.


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