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Happy Christmas One and All

 We at OctaviaMusic would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.  Whilst saying a silent prays for those who are lost and suffering from the Indonesia Tsunami.  All those who are homeless and those who are going without a warm meal this Christmas.

There is a new way to be found and each one of us must work towards finding it.  We cannot go on deceiving ourselves into believing that the way we are today is progress.  Neither should we believe that it is up to the next person to make the changes necessary.  Divided we can easily be defeated, but united we can move mountains.  We are all our Brother's keeper and charity is not about giving money.  Your time and sharing with your neighbour is just as charitable if not better.

So as we go about our business during this Christmas holiday, share a bit of time with others and make the meaning of this yuletide ever more true today as it were meant to be.  Happy Christmas one and all.

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