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Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Humanity

Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Humanity your voice and music has for seven decades been entertaining us all.  Above all, your gracious  and soulful ways has brought joy and meaning to our lives.  Your voice and music will remain with us for several generations to come on  the pathway to our heart.

Aretha Franklin your music brought tears of joy to our eyes.   In addition, love to our hearts,  and President Obama.   Above all, your work for civil rights sets a path for us all to follow.  So now the Heavenly Choir request your appearance.  Therefore, we won't be able to request your appearance here on earth.  Similarly, the memories of you and your music will keep us loving you,  and forever grateful for your contribution to our lives.

In other words, when you sang both our hearts, ears and emotions took to seventh heaven.  (Cloud Nine - to the TEMPS) and kept us there even when times were hard.  However, we are all grateful to your family for sharing you with us.  Above all, we will in return support them in you absence.

Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, you are undoubtedly among the great of humanity, that walked this here earth.  And although you are no longer with us.  However, we will remember you always.  Heros never die, they lived on in our hearts.  For instance, in the good deed performed by pass and present individuals like you.

Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, you have our (Respect...) and will (Play that Song...) and (Think...) of that (Natural Woman...) who came into our lives with her voice and music and leave us much richer for having know her. R.I.P.

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