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Press Releases

  • Fans Of Octaviamusic - Gets To know First.

    Fans of Octaviamusic gets to know whats going on first.  And benefit by receiving special offers when available.  Join our growing number of fans around the world and get to know whats going on before non-fans.  You can also become a fan of an artist who make the music that are to your liking or any particular artist and get news of that artist, about what the company (Octaviamusic) is doing with the artist, or what the artist is doing him/herself.

    You can interact with that artist, buy their records and merchandise, track their tour and gigs dates and buy tickets to their events from links on the artist own Octaviamusic artist page on the website.  You can play their music and watch their videos and link up with them on their social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram.  And you can do all that on you mobile and tablets.

  • Octaviamusic Is Open For Business

    Octaviamusic (Octavia Multimedia Group ) having gone live with their new website is ready for business.  Their one stop shop platform approach to doing business in the music industry is what they believe the industry was crying out for.  Providing all the services needed to an artist seems ideally logical.  Services that support the artist through, from discovery, nurturing, promoting and maintaining the career of an artist is Octaviamusic's intention in setting off on this project.

    This is a work in progress, according to the company's CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Michael Alexander.  He said, "Our intention is to provide opportunities and support for talented individuals to make a career or become a professional in the music industry.  Individuals mistrust of the industry is causing the public to miss out on what could be an innovative industry, creating careers and income to a majority of those actively involved in creating music today.  Music is part of the creative industry that brings joy, hope, and inspiration to individuals and notions and also adds to their GDP.  Working with all the professions in the business/industry (of which there are many ) unions, associations, societies, collages, venues, software companies and involving the fans and the general public, we aim to create a platform for those who are serious about making and performing music.  We realise it will be difficult to convince sceptics in the industry, but what the hell, space travel started from that position.

    Octaviamusic is not like other music platform or music streaming companies.  A one stop shop platform means exactly that, everything that is necessary to promoting an artist to their desired level of success.  A music community with producers, writers, musicians, sound engineers, software companies, live music venues, technicians, music collages, music teachers and more.  This is the goal, naturally it would take some time to achieve that goal, but Octaviamusic believe it's possible.  To that end Octaviamusic will only work with the serious of individuals who wish to make a career in the music industry and require them to subscribe.

    There are four types of subscriptions to accommodate the level of success, the individual wish to achieve.  All plainly explained on their website, www.octaviamusic.co.uk  It is perfectly natural for someone who loves playing music, just want to do it partime or weekends and all that will be required is promotion and gigs.  And then there are those who want to go all the way from writing, recording, performing, touring and everything to do with being a successful musician/performer.  Octaviamusic is about both levels and the in-betweens.  Over the coming years that would be the goal Octaviamusic would be working towards, with the hope that many of you will travel with them on that journey.  "Keeping Music Real."

  • Octaviamusic - Musicians, Artists Business Card

    Musicians, Artist's Business Card, Showcase, Agent, Manager, Promoter, Event Organiser, Ticket Sales and Online Shop.

    Musicians and artists who subscribe to Octaviamusic's one stop shop platform, can enjoy a host of facilities, designed to supporting and promoting their career in the music industry.  Octaviamusic will be working hard to fulfil the aspirations of music creators, writers, composers, performers and to chart a new way of doing business with and for artists and musicians.  The old way of doing business in the music industry has long since died with the explosions of technology and a lack of investment.  Individuals has chosen to do their own thing, whereby they can have all the rewards, but there are so little rewards that the majority are struggling.  Indeed the fire and energy that created such idols that we now try to emulate from the 40s,50s,and 60s is well and truly been extinguished for lack of new ideas and a credible structure, investment and energy, just like a real fire would without a constant  circulation of fresh air.

    If you do music, do it with Octaviamusic (Octavia Multimedia Group ) terms and conditions apply.  Octaviamusic business-like approach to making and presenting music, gives artist a ladder of stepping stone to grow their career.  Fans can subscribe on our website for newsletters, notice of events and special offers.  But Octaviamusic will only work with artists that subscribe to their management platform, for reasons of working with artists in the past who have shown a lack of commitment and so when opportunities for success were at their reach after such hard work on our part, they simply decided they no longer wanted it.  Octaviamusic believe subscription shows commitment and a belief in their ability.  No one achieve anything without commitments ask the achievers in any profession.

    Octaviamusic is convinced there are lots of talented individuals out there who wants to get on and make a career in the music industry, and with constructed support and guidance they can be very successful.  Octaviamusic has designed  the music business platform to do just that.  So if you are one of those as described, then come along and let Octaviamusic be your business card.

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