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Press Releases

  • Happy Christmas One and All

    Happy Christmas one and all.  OctaviaMusic's greetings for this  Christmas and a peaceful New Year.  Whilst saying a silent prays for those who are lost and suffering from the Indonesia Tsunami.  And all those who are homeless and who are going without a warm meal this Christmas.

    Christmas reminds us that there need to find a new way of living and each one of us must work towards finding it.   Above all, we cannot go on deceiving ourselves into believing that the way we are today is progress.  Therefore, neither should we believe that it is up to the next person to make the changes necessary.  In other words, divided we can be easily defeated.  However, united we can move mountains.  Therefore, we are all our Brother's keeper and charity is not about giving money.  In conclusion, we must give our time and share with our neighbours.  That's  just as charitable if not better.

    For instance, as we go about our business during this Christmas holiday, share a bit of time with others and make the meaning of this yuletide ever more true today as it were meant to be.  Happy Christmas one and all.

    (c)Copyright 2018 Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

  • Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Humanity

    Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Humanity your voice and music has for seven decades been entertaining us all.  Above all, your gracious  and soulful ways has brought joy and meaning to our lives.  Your voice and music will remain with us for several generations to come on  the pathway to our heart.

    Aretha Franklin your music brought tears of joy to our eyes.   In addition, love to our hearts,  and President Obama.   Above all, your work for civil rights sets a path for us all to follow.  So now the Heavenly Choir request your appearance.  Therefore, we won't be able to request your appearance here on earth.  Similarly, the memories of you and your music will keep us loving you,  and forever grateful for your contribution to our lives.

    In other words, when you sang both our hearts, ears and emotions took to seventh heaven.  (Cloud Nine - to the TEMPS) and kept us there even when times were hard.  However, we are all grateful to your family for sharing you with us.  Above all, we will in return support them in you absence.

    Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, you are undoubtedly among the great of humanity, that walked this here earth.  And although you are no longer with us.  However, we will remember you always.  Heros never die, they lived on in our hearts.  For instance, in the good deed performed by pass and present individuals like you.

    Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, you have our (Respect...) and will (Play that Song...) and (Think...) of that (Natural Woman...) who came into our lives with her voice and music and leave us much richer for having know her. R.I.P.

    (c)Copyright 2018.MA

  • Octavia Artist Management Subscription

    Octavia Artist Management subscription, is how to get access to our  "One Stop Shop," music platform services.  There are four levels of management and subscription.  Therefore, members has a choice depending on their ability and commitment.

    Octavia Artist Management Subscription, is a different approach to the  traditionally ways of discovering, supporting and promoting artists/musicians.  For instance, more effort on promoting ambitious artist and musician to achieve and maintain a career in the music industry.

    Its now possible for artist / musician's to upload their contact details:- i.e. images, music, videos, lyrics, bio, history and availability for work, on our website: www.octaviamusic.co.uk  First registering to create an account, then subscribing to create an IP address.  Above all, it makes it more direct and give us all the information without having to apply guessing or requesting further information.   The artist would then have a unique IP address on our system.  In other words, they would no longer need to print business cards or posters to send out.  They just need to send the link to showcase their act.

    In providing this way of access means, we would therefore no longer be accepting  submission from artist/musicians by emails or post.  Upload your information via our website: www.octaviamultimediagroup.com    or  www.octaviamusic.co.uk

    We are constantly improving our system by regular upgrades to the website, and our "One Stop Shop," music platform.   By in-cooperating new technologies as they come on track.  Similarly, improving our services to the artists/musicians.  By adding to and working with major organisations in the music industry, to better serve our subscribing members.

    In conclusion, we now provide recording, publishing, promotion, event bookings, ticket Sales, management and performance development as part of our "One Stop Shop," music industry platform.  To achieve success for our artists.  In addition, we are working towards building a register of "Venues," locally, nationally and globally. To help promote and support "Live Music." within walking distance in the communities.   Join us, register and subscribe to Octavia Artist Management if it's your desire to have a career in the music industry.

    (c)copyright 2018.  Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

  • New Artist Signing to Octavia Records

    New Artist signing to Octavia Records and Octavia Artist Management.  Octaviamusic is reaching out to new artists to sign on to their (Artist Management) platform which in turn could lead to a recording contract with (Octavia Records) and access to the music business community.   Octaviamusic is creating the vehicle, to support and encouraging artists/musicians, so they develop the strength to be successful in this technological age as an artist, musician, performer.  We believe the music lovers and supporters of the world would appreciate the result of such hard work.

    Octavia Records as part of (Octavia Multimedia Group) realized that most new artists and existing artists are relying on social media and gigging alone to bring them success.  But all social media and gigging does is give the artist exposure.  And after the exposure you need to have a structure behind you looking after your interest to take advantage of that window of opportunity the exposure present.  To put it in a nut shell, that is the work Octaviamusic is doing behind the seen for the artist to bring about success.  But can only do such work for  artists assigned to their platform.

    Octaviamusic has invested a great deal in time and money to create this platform and is confident that once the artists realized its all to their benefit to have the support behind them as they pursue their career in the music industry, Octaviamusic would then be well on its way to changing the mindset of those who work or venture into making a career in an industry that got their love, heart and soul, but not the income.

    Octaviamusic "One Stop Shop," platform for artists, musicians and performers.  Formulate their policy and structure to enabling artist to earn a living from their chosen career, in the same way carpenters, plumbers and electricians do when they choose these trades as their career.  And we all know they raise families on their income.  We believe musicians can do the same, if they decided to become a working musician.  And if they decides to take their profession further with all the personal commitment that entails then the opportunities are there  and Octavia Multimedia Group is just the place for artists as gifted and talented.


  • Fans Of Octaviamusic - Gets To know First.

    Fans of Octaviamusic gets to know first whats going on with their favorite artist.  And benefit by receiving special offers when available.  Join our growing number of fans around the world and get to know whats going on before everyone else.  You can also become a fan of an artist who makes the music that are to your liking or any particular artist and get news of that artist, about what the company (Octaviamusic) is doing with that artist, or what the artist is doing that you might be interested in knowing.

    As a fan who register on our system, you get to interact with your favorite artist and able to follow them on their social media link from their artist page on this website.  You will be able to know when they are releasing their new music and pre-order you copy.  You will also get to buy their T-shirts and caps.  Our system will work for the artists as well as their loyal fans.  And for venue owners, who is searching for acts to perform at their club or events, they can find an artist of their choice and book them on the system.  It can only be good for everyone all round.

    To be able to interact with that artist, buy their records and merchandise, track their tour and gigs dates and buy tickets to their events from links on the artist own Octaviamusic artist page on this website would save time searching for those access.  You can play their music and watch their videos and link up with them on their social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram and share all that with your mates, should be reasons enough to sign up, don't you think.  And you can do all that on you desktop, mobile and tablets devices.

  • Octaviamusic Is Open For Business

    OctaviaMusic website has been live for over a year now.  But we are continuing making updates to enable us to manage the different aspects of the music industry as we intended.  The one stop shop platform approach of doing business in the music industry is what we believe the industry was crying out for.  Our platform is design to provide all the services needed for an artist to achieve success.  To us it seems ideally logical to have such a platform so the artist can have at hand, all the services that supports him/her through out their career.  From discovery, nurturing, promoting and maintaining their career.  Including the distribution of their product.

    We are still in the early stage.  But we view this as work in progress, according to the company's CEO / Managing Director, Mr. Michael Alexander.  He said, "Our intention is to provide opportunities and support for talented individuals. To have a career or become a professional in the music industry.  Individuals mistrust of the industry is causing the public to miss out on what could be an innovative industry.  Creating careers and income to a majority of those actively involved in creating today's music.

    OctaviaMusic is not like other music platform or music streaming companies.  A one stop shop platform means exactly that, everything that is necessary to promoting an artist to their desired level of success.  A music community with producers, writers, musicians, sound engineers, software companies, live music venues, technicians, music collages, music teachers and more.  This is the goal, naturally it would take some time to achieve everything we want to, but OctaviaMusic believe it's possible.  To that end OctaviaMusic will only work with the serious of individuals who wish to make a career in the music industry and so we require them to subscribe to our Artist Management platform.

    There are four types of subscriptions to accommodate the level of success, the individual wish to achieve.  All plainly explained on the website, www.octaviamusic.co.uk  It is perfectly natural for someone who loves playing music, if they just want to do it part time or only weekends and all that will be required is promotion and gigs.  And then there are those who want to go all the way from writing, recording, performing, touring and everything to do with being a successful musician/performer.  OctaviaMusic is about both levels and the in-between.  Over the coming years that would be the goal OctaviaMusic would be working towards, with the hope that many of you will travel with us on that journey.  "Keeping Music Real."

    (c)copyright 2018.  Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

  • Octaviamusic - Musicians, Artists Business Card

    Musicians, Artist's Business Card, Showcase, Agent, Manager, Promoter, Event Organiser, Ticket Sales and Online Shop.

    Musicians, artist's business card would be part of the benefit when you subscribe to Octaviamusic's one stop shop platform.  The other benefit includes support and promotion to further your career in the music industry.  Octaviamusic will work hard to fulfil the aspirations of music creators, writers, composers, performers in their new way of doing business platform, for artists and musicians.  The old way of doing business in the music industry has long since died with the explosions of technology and a lack of investment.  Individuals has chosen to do their own thing, believing they can have all the rewards.  That maybe at first sight a good idea, but as their career takes off, the need for someone else taking care of business becomes very apparent.  Bring new ideas and new ways instead of depending on you the artist to have the solution to every problems.  Indeed the fire and energy that created such idols that we now try to emulate from the 40s, 50s, and 60s is well and truly been extinguished for lack of new ideas and a credible structure, investment and energy.

    If you do music, contact  Octaviamusic (Octavia Multimedia Group ) and subscribe to our "One Stop Shop," platform.  (Terms and conditions apply).  Octaviamusic business-like approach to making and presenting music, gives artist a ladder or stepping stone to grow their career.  Fans can subscribe on our website for newsletters, notice of events and special offers.  But Octaviamusic will only work with artists that subscribe to their management platform, for reasons, we have worked with artists in the past who have shown a lack of commitment and so when opportunities for success were at their door after such hard work on our part, they simply decided they no longer wanted it.  Octaviamusic believe subscription shows commitment and a belief in their ability.  No one achieve anything without commitments ask the achievers in any profession.

    Octaviamusic is convinced there are lots of talented individuals out there who wants to get on and make a career in the music industry, and with constructed support and guidance they can be very successful.  Octaviamusic has designed  the music business platform to do just that.  So if you are one of those as described, then come along and let Octaviamusic be your business card.

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