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Press Releases

  • Happy Christmas One and All

    Happy Christmas one and all.  OctaviaMusic's greetings for this  Christmas and a peaceful New Year.  Whilst saying a silent prays for those who are lost and suffering from the Indonesia Tsunami.  And all those who are homeless and who are going without a warm meal this Christmas.

    Christmas reminds us that there need to find a new way of living and each one of us must work towards finding it.   Above all, we cannot go on deceiving ourselves into believing that the way we are today is progress.  Therefore, neither should we believe that it is up to the next person to make the changes necessary.  In other words, divided we can be easily defeated.  However, united we can move mountains.  Therefore, we are all our Brother's keeper and charity is not about giving money.  In conclusion, we must give our time and share with our neighbours.  That's  just as charitable if not better.

    For instance, as we go about our business during this Christmas holiday, share a bit of time with others and make the meaning of this yuletide ever more true today as it were meant to be.  Happy Christmas one and all.

    (c)Copyright 2018 Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

  • Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Humanity

    Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Humanity's voice and music has for seven decades been entertaining us all.  Above all, her gracious  and soulful ways has brought joy and meaning to our lives.  Your voice and music will remain in our hearts and so to with several generations to come on.

    Aretha Franklin earned the crown as "Queen of soul," being able to sing all type of music, equally bringing tears of joy to our eyes.   In addition, igniting love in our hearts.  President Obama was always spiritedly moved when she sang at his functions.    Above all, her work for civil rights sets a path for us all to follow.  So now the Heavenly Choir requested her appearance.  Therefore, we won't be able to request her appearance here on earth.  Similarly, the memories of her and her music will keep us loving her,  and forever grateful for her contribution in our lives.

    In other words, when she sang both our hearts, ears and emotions took to seventh heaven.  (Cloud Nine - in words of the TEMPS) and kept us there even when times were hard.  However, we are all grateful to her family for sharing her with us.  Above all, we will in return give our support to them in her absence.

    Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, is now undoubtedly among the great humanitarians, who has walked this here earth before and in the future.  And although she is no longer with us.  However, we will remember her always.  Hero's never die, they lived on in our hearts.  For instance, in the good deed performed by pass and present individuals like her.

    Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul, you have our (Respect...) and will (Play that Song...) and (Think...) of that (Natural Woman...) who came into our lives with her voice and music and leave us much richer for having know her. R.I.P.

    (c)Copyright 2018.MA

  • Octavia Artist Management Subscription

    Octavia Artist Management subscription, is what gets artists access to our  "One Stop Shop," music platform services.  With four levels of management subscriptions.  Visitors  therefore has a choice depending on their ability and commitment.

    Octavia Artist Management Subscription, is a different approach to the  traditionally ways record labels used to discover, support and promote artists/musicians.  For instance, more effort is put on promoting ambitious artist and musician to achieve and maintain a rewarding career in the music industry.

    Artist / musicians are directed to our website: www.octaviamusic.co.uk/artist-overview to register and subscribe to our platform, which then allows them to upload their details:-(i.e. images, music, videos, lyrics and bio,) creating a unique "octaviaMusic" IP address on the platform.  Above all, it makes it more direct and give us all the information required.

    Because of Octavia Artist Management subscription system, we will no longer be accepting  submission from artist/musicians via emails or post.  We are constantly improving our system by regular upgrades to the website, and our "One Stop Shop," music platform.   By in-cooperating new technologies as they come on track.  Similarly, improving our services to the artists/musicians.  By adding to and working with major organisations in the music industry, to better serve our registered subscribing members.

    Octavia Artist Management, provide recording, publishing, promotion, event bookings, ticket Sales, management and performance development as part of our "One Stop Shop," music platform.  To achieve success for our artists.  In addition, we are working towards building a register of "Venues," locally, nationally and globally. To help promote and support "Live Music." within walking distance in the communities.   Register and subscribe to Octavia Artist Management and take the next step towards a career in the music industry.

    (c)copyright 2018.  Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

  • New Artist Signing to Octavia Records

    New Artists Signing to Octavia Records, will come from those artists assigned to our subsidiary company  "Octavia Artist Management."  As its part of the "One stop shop music platform." And, there are four levels of management to register and subscribe too.  Above all, it gives us the chance to identify the skills and abilities of those who wish to be a new artist signing to Octavia Records.  Therefore, we will not contemplate discussing a record deal with new artists unless they have registered and are a subscribing members of Octavia artist management.  So to register and subscribe go to www.octaviamusic.co.uk/artist-overview

    Therefore, to all those artists who previously sent email inquiries, with links to their website, music or social media, we would not consider them for a record deal.  Above all, subscribing gives them access to other services, such as music publishing, artist mentoring, music Studio, online music shop, music magazine, support and promotion.  Including merchandise sales such as t-shirts and other products including distribution.  So, for those who need help in having career in the music industry, they need to register and subscribe to Octavia artist management, part of Octaviamusic's "One Stop Shop music Platform.".

    Today's artists reliance on social media, giving away CDs, and playing at events for free, in the hope of achieving success.  are finding it very challenging to say the least.

    We have created this "One stop shop music platform," as a stepping stone for music creators and performers to cross the music industry waters.  The "One stop shop music platform." gives support to artists / musicians and performers who's desire is to build a career in the music industry.  Just the same like it is for carpenters, plumbers and electricians, in the building industry.  Whether they want to perform locally or become an international artist.

  • Fans Of Octaviamusic - Gets To know First.

    Fans of Octaviamusic gets to know whats going on with their favourite artist.  And benefit by receiving special offers when available.  Join our growing number of fans around the world and get to know whats going on before everyone else.  So you can become a fan of an artist who makes the music that are to your liking or any particular artist and get news of that artist, about what the company (Octaviamusic) is doing with that artist, or what the artist is doing, that you might be interested in knowing.

    As a fan who register on our system, you get to interact with your favorite artist and able to follow them on their social media link from their artist page on this website.   You will be able to know when they are releasing their new music and pre-order your copy.   You will also get to buy their T-shirts and caps.  Our system will work for the artists as well as their loyal fans.  And for venue owners, who are searching for acts to perform at their club or events, they can find an artist of their choice and book them on the system.  It can only be good for everyone, all round.

    Fans are able to interact with that artist, buy their records and merchandise, track their tour and gigs dates and buy tickets to their events from links on the artist own Octaviamusic artist page on this website would save time searching for those access.  You can play their music and watch their videos and link up with them on their social media, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, share all that with your mates, should be reasons enough to sign up, don't you think.  And you can do all that on you desktop, mobile and tablets devices.

  • Octaviamusic Is Open For Business

    Octaviamusic is open for business.  And invites artists and musicians to visit the website, which has gone live about three  years ago.  However, we continue to improve  and update the website in order to make the delivery of  the services relevant, accessible and users friendly.  The "One Stop Shop" music platform approach, is what we believe the industry would somehow   benefit from.  It combines all those services relevant to supporting and promoting artists, musicians, songwriters and performers.

    "Its a new concept, but still in its early stages."  Said the Managing Director/CEO:  Mr. Michael Alexander.  "Our intention is to set a path, for which talented individuals could gain access to the music industry, and giving them the support which would ultimately lead to a career."  He went on to say.  "Individual's mistrust of the music industry is well known.  But it is still the most opportune section of the creative industries.  Therefore, we want to see more access for creative and talented individuals."

    Octaviamusic  is open for business.   With help and support to artists and musicians.  Providing a "One Stop Shop Music Platform, to those who feel locked out of the music industry, by their lack of knowledge of how the industry works.  And to those, who still believe that the Tin Pan Alley method is still the way to achieving their goal.  We want to present another path.  Because, we believe, it should be possible for artists and musicians to have a worthwhile career in the music industry, on the same par as those who ply their trade in the building and motor industries.

    For those who relies solely on social media, as a means to success, which often result in disappointment.   And in order not to lose the talent they possess.  Octaviamusic "One Stop Shop Music Platform." Is there to provide another avenue of support and promotion so they can achieve success of some sort.  In whatever genre they create and perform.  And at the same time to create a community, which includes producers, writers, sound engineers, software companies, live music venues, technicians, collages and music teachers.

    There are four levels of subscriptions to the artist management section of the website.  www.octaviamusic.co.uk  Namely "Standard," "Premium," "Gold," and "Full," (Management.)  Giving artists /musicians the choice to consider which suites their competence and ambition.  Even if its their wish to play locally or develop an international career.  In conclusion, we encourage artists and musicians to  register and subscribe to our Artist Management section to gain access.  We are open for business.

    (c)copyright 2018.  Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  All rights reserved.

  • Octaviamusic - Musicians, Artists Business Card

    Octaviamusic, artists musicians business card.  Is best for those who register and subscribe to Octaviamusic's "One Stop Shop Music Platform.  For instance their profile information and their type of music would be on the system.  Including details of how they could be contacted.  Therefore fans would be able to interact with their idol.  There are other benefits, such as support and promotion to further their career in the music industry.

    Octaviamusic has worked hard to promote music creators, such as writers, composers, performers through their "One Stop Shop Music Platform, for artists and musicians.  The old fashion way of doing business in the music industry for some artists are not working.  And as a company who's interest is to support and promote music and those who creates it.  We have made the investments to make that possible, creating opportunities.  Since the explosions of technology and a lack of investment for individuals.  Fewer artists gets to achieve their goal.  So in bringing new ideas and new ways to the problem, we hope to establish a new concept to music creation.

    If you do music, then Octaviamusic artists musicians business card is just for you from www.octaviamusic.co.uk  register and subscribe on the Artist Management section," to gain access to the one stop shop music platform (Terms and conditions apply).  Artist's fans can subscribe for newsletters, notice of events and special offers to get involved.  Business card.

    Octaviamusic is convinced there are lots of talented individuals out there who wants to get on and make a career in the music industry, and with constructed support and guidance they can be very successful.  Octaviamusic has designed  the music business platform to do just that.  So if you are one of those as described, then come along and let Octaviamusic be your business card.

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