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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • 2016: concert of Swiss folk rock band 77 Bombay Street

    Small clubs live music, open mic and all the solo performers who keep music alive has my admiration and we are keen to support and promote it.  Octaviamusic strongly believe in ability and inspiration.  We appreciate and welcome the advancement that technology has make in creating tools for the industry, and it is as important as the invention of the earlier instruments.

    Then you had to have the ability to play those instruments and therefore you had to be inspired to firstly be drawn to take up the particular instrument and the incredible devotion in putting the hours of practice necessary to reach that profession on that instrument and in time grown passion for the particular genre you choose.

    I am not sure if today's technology invoke the same traits as previously mentioned.  What is necessary is the knowledge of how to operate and apply the tools to create the music you want to create.  This has followed a long road for the technology communities and Octaviamusic greatly appreciate where the industry stands today.  But that's the thing, in the haste to achieve the same level of competency with technology as the professionals who had to go through those painful stages to achieve their competency, I believe we have left the heart and soul of the music industry so far behind, that it feels something is very much missing.

    And that's where we believe live music has its place.  We would like to see live music venues in every town worldwide, which is why we are encouraging venues owner to register with us, so we can help promote live music and live music venue, with technology at the level it is today, it could be the perfect marriage for the industry.  Octaviamusic wants to start the engagement leading to the marriage.

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