Octavia "One Stop Shop Music Platform," is designed to provide all the services, require to support and promote artists and musicians to create and maintain a career in the music industry. I have long since realised that the music industry is the most creative industry and yet its seems out of reach to those with the very energy it needs for its survival. Its the one industry that generates income in every sector of its makeup. Yet maintain a higher proportion of unfulfilled wannabees and less well off, than most other industry. It requires a higher portion of, creativity, dedication and expense. But sadly, those who are entitle to their rewards, seldom receive it. For some poverty blitz their creative mind, leaving them unable to deal with everyday needs and wellbeing.

With that thought in mind and having being a part of the music industry, since the 1960s and being involved in several business, I felt I need to seek a solution of having some support, to those who might well benefit from my effort. What sparked my plugs, was when my son Nathan Alexander, decided he wanted to do music as his career. Knowing the pitfalls he's about to face, spurred me into thinking of ways I could support him without controlling what he does. Hence the, "One Stop Shop Music Platform." But the one stop shop music platform, Idea came to me in a conversation with my son Nathan Alexander. when he said, he wanted to be able to support some of the students he was associated with in Stafford University. I worked out all the services an artist would need to create, support and promote his/her career. And as I had started a publishing company to publish my own song writing, using my Grandmother's name "Octavia," I extended the name to all the main companies, Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd and the subsidiarity companies. Octavia Records Ltd., (Record Label.), Octavia Music Publishing Ltd., (Publisher.), Octavia Artist Ltd, (Artists List, Mentor and Tutorial), Octavia Artist Management Ltd. (Management & Agency), Octavia Studio Ltd. (Recording Studio), Octavia Music Magazine Ltd. (Publication, Advertising, promotion, News, Reviews, Events, Festivals & Gigs), Octavia Music Shop Ltd. (Online Store/Shop).

Working Logistics.

Working out the logistics, we decided to only deal with artists, musicians, performers & songwriters, who register and subscribes to our platform, so as to cut out the time wasters. We believed for this to work we needed commitment and dedication. For that we need a website. Having gone to two website developers in Shrewsbury Shropshire UK, who took our money and produced a website that was not fit for purpose. One with a WordPress Platform and the other Magento 1. It is my belief, that they knew the website wouldn't work, either deliberately making it so or through incompetence, by the aggression and avoidance they shown towards me when I question their professionalism. But luckily we found a website developer in Cheshire UK, who approach was more communicative, business-like and respectful. The new website, on the Magento 2 platform, had gone a long way to supporting all the elements of the one stop shop music platform. We fully realised, updates and redesigns need to be an on going process.

How Does It Work?

Instead of recieving A & R submission through the post or email.  We ask that all A & R submissions are made on the website, through the individual's OctaviaMusic IP page.  And they would only be able to do any of this, when they register and subscribe.  With an OctaviaMusic Account, and a Artist IP page, you get to submit all your works for consideration.  You will get a response whatever the case maybe.  As an artist, musician, performer, you need to subscribe to one of the four levels of, "Octavia Artist Management."  We would recomend starting with the "Standard," or the "Premium," or "Gold." The "Full Management," Level requires more commitments and professional engagement than the others.  We believe, the first three give support and promotion, exposure, sales, gigs and publicity.  To ease you into the music industry.  The "Full Management," needs a different mindset.  If you are a "Songwriter," only.  You need to subscribe to the songwriter subscription.  It enable you to submit your work for publication, synth etc.

Contracts and Agreements.

Only Artists, Musicians, performers, and singer/songwriters registered and subscribes, with our "One Stop Shop Music Platform, would be considered for, Recording contracts, publishing agreements, Tours, Gigs, Showcase, Compitions, Festivals, Featured in Octavia Music Magazine," or on the website. Its by using information thats generated as a registered and subscribing partisipant, that we will be able to assess the requirement of each individuals. The subscription is monthly.  But should anyone decide to stop their subscription, either none payment or concellation.  All work or projects in opperation or progress would immediately cease.  In the event of this happening, any other expenses relating to contracts or agreements would need to be settled forthwith.

Promotion, Gigs, Tours, Festivals, Showcase, Record Launch, Competitions.

We intend to organised, publicise, negociate, promote these events.  Sell tickets, merchandise and all other revenue items, for and on behalf of those taking part in these said events. (With written agreements/contracts.) But we will only include artists, musicians, performers who are compitent enough to execute the required performance. As this would go towards, supporting the artists career in the music industry.  We expect all registered and subscribing artist, musicians and performers to constantly undate their materials and performance.

Venue Registration & List.

We are inviting, venue owners and managers, to register their venues with us on our website.  The benefit of doing so, is that when we are organising events, we would have all the information at hand in planning.  And if we choose their venue for say, a tour, promotion, showcase of our artists.  We would at the same time promote their venue, with no extra cost.  Sell tickets for the event, and featured them on our website, magazine, blogs. Press release, social media and local media. We require details on, cost, type, capacity, equipment, insurance, security, accomodation, rest area, refreshment and type of genre best suited.  We expect our artists to be treated fairly and securily. During research, we understand, some venues are not willing to register with us.  There is nothing we can do in opposition to that.  But for those who register with us, we will say, "Thank you," Think of the business you will be recieving from us without having to go out and look for it.  And if at anytime you are organising an event of your own, we would be more than happy to assist in promotion.  You may need entertainment, our artists would be more than willing to accomodate you.  Because of the relationship they would have built up with, having played there.  And who knows.  Our artists dropping in for a drink now and then with friends, won't increase your venue puplurity, attendence and revenue.  The choice is yours to make.