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   Michael Alexander - (CEO - Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd®) Explains the concept of the "One Stop Shop Music Platform."

We (Octavia®Music), develop this concept to provide a platform for creators and performers in the music industry to have support in creating and maintaining a career in the music industry.  Minimising the uncertainty that exists for those individuals.  And we name it, Octavia®Music "One Stop Shop Music Platform™."  We divide the support into four sections.  Standard, Premium, Gold and Full Management.  Access is through subscriptions.  Each section has its own subscription, and relates to the level of support and services.  But, before anyone get to subscribe, they need to create an account.  Which would be used as their own Octavia Artist Page, (IP Address).  And thereafter, to use the Artist Registration Form, to upload information, which would be used in the formation of Octavia Artist Page.  Standard, gets what is considered to be the basic access, (In relation to the others.)  But its what we use as our A & R Submission section. We no long accept submission by emails or links to other platforms, (Social or otherwise). So that we don't have to deal with infringement of ownership and copyrights.  By using the artist registration form, everyone has to declare ownership and copyright.  And name the rightful owners.  And by using the Standard Subscription, there'll be no need to go through registration and uploading details, when upgrading to the other levels, (Premium, Gold & Full Management).  We would have had all the details needed and the benefit of having an Octavia Artist Page. (IP Address.)  Therefore, moving to the other levels of subscriptions, need only to change the subscription paid.  Visit the subscriptions section on the Home page, to see the level of support that each section affords. 


Why do we feel its necessary to develop this platform?:  being in the music industry for years, and witnessing the difficulties, anyone who wants to create and perform has to go through, just to engage with the music industry.  Whether or not, as a semi-professional or to make it a career.  And also seeing, where they end up, if they went ahead regardless.  At the same time realising that modern technology makes the impossible possible.  And seeing friends with tremendous talant, end up defeated by the treatment the industry dished out to them, spured us on to try and made a difference.  In whatever way possible.  And after years spent developing this concept.  This One Stop Shop Music Platform is the result.  So now the next task, is to convince those who could benefit from our effort, to come and partisipate.  If you know someone who might benefit from our work, please direct them to our website:  www.octaviamusic.co.uk then, I expect the decision they make thereafter, would ultimately depend on them.

All services under one roof:  by having all the services these creators and performers need to create and maintain a career in the music industry, we expect it to lessen the presure on the individuals, while dealing with learning, practicing and rehearsals.  And having the support of knowledgable individuals, mentoring, encouraging and promoting one's career, should made a big difference to getting somewhere.  But also to be asured that steps were taken to make sure, when out performing, they would be paid, without having to chase the event organiser, would mean they would be able to maintain their basic needs and that of their family and dependance.  Artist, group and bands at times travel miles to play a gig and end up without payment, and has no means of resolving the issue.  It sumetimes resulted in aguements and mis-trust, even to abandaning their fight to work in the music industry.  Those who subscribe to our platform, would expect to recieve better treatment.  And if not, cancel their sunscription.

Depending on the level of subscription one subscribe too:  they will get the services related to that level of sunscription as discribed on the Home page.  But there would be no presure to move to a higher level, if its not desired, or confident that they can maintain the standard needed or that the service would benefit them.  But also, we would not engage with anyone who are not prepared to work with others and commited.  Contracts and agreements would be part of engagement with artists and other professionals.  Proper time keeping and the ability to communicate at different level, but mostly with the public and fans would be encourage or coached.   


would result   to just to you need as a shopping centre, with lots of different shops, except (in this case), all the shops in the centre are owned by one (of the same) company. (Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd®.) And all are working with one aim in mind.  Supporting and promoting talented individuals to create and maintain a career in the music industry.  The music industry is a complex industry, with many facets, where success could be very rewarding.  But its also true, that many, (though talented), struggle to make it work for them.  Having been a songwriter from the age of fifteen, Managed Bands at eighteen, ran a Booking Agency at twenty.  Published songs, only to receive contracts from publishers, giving me £0.1p (old penny) in the pound.  Which made me decide to keep my songs until I was in the position to publish my songs/music through my own publishing company.  And having negotiated recording contracts for groups, only to see them marginalise the effort, time and cost.  Made me realise, or at least conscious that giving free help to artists and musicians is not always appreciated.  This is why we decided to have a registration and subscription system accessing the services of OctaviaMusic "One Stop Shop Music Platform." (OM/OSSMP) Subscriptions  It occurred to me that, having being in the music industry for over forty years.  I've recognised, the problem most are having trying to get into the music industry.  Not knowing where to start, where to go, who to approach, and which company or person are the best to work with.  In the past one would have gone to or follow, the company who's giving someone they recently discover their big break.  Putting their faces on posters, billboards, television and magazines.  Releasing a rushly recorded single, to make the charts or Tv show.  Lately, with technology, leaving the music industry trailing behind, for its initial lack of interest and investment.  There is no longer that avenue to follow (Tin Pan Alley- it was called then) nore are they in control of what makes the music industry works.  There are new players in the field, such as (www.spotify.com) (www.applemusic.com and others) But they give deliver a different service to the traditional services.  And of course, there are lot of advice given by those who have tried and failed, and those who see an opportunity to make money, by seeking to control those who are new to the industry.  That got me thinking when my son, (Nathen Alexander)Nathan Alexander expressed a desire to make music his career.  Understanding the difficulties and some of the pitfalls, that's within the music industry.  Firstly, I wanted to manage my son to a successful career.  Like most fathers would.  But I realised, Nathan was not too keen on that idea.  He wanted to be in control of his career.  Which I admired immensely.  I was even more pleased when he said he intends to go to college and university to learn, music and music technology.  Ambition is good, but that alone does not guarantee success.  Knowledge underpins achievement especially when there is also someone, fighting your corner. And this "One Stop Shop Music Platform," satisfied both our desire.  Nathan to be in control of his career and my desire to support him getting there.

So after several conversations, with several ideas being thrashed about, the idea of a multimedia group came to the forefront.  And because I had the experience and knowledge of setting up and running businesses, I got to thinking that having under one roof all the companies that an artist would need to be involved with, crafting his career, became the best possible route to take.  In many ways, they can be simultaneously working to supply the artist with what they need.  The right songs, studio, musicians, arrangers, producers, sound engineers and professional mentors.  Then, working with the artist, creating the right marketable image.  Thereafter, the mastering, printing, manufacturing, and Having a strong website, technology software, advertising, features, blogs, magazines, newspaper, television, social media.  Promotion, events, gigs, tours, merchandise, tickets, fans, transportation, communication etc.  All of these and more, to be on the road to maximising the chances of being successful in the music industry.  And to think, that may only just get you in a position of having regular gigs, or playing at your local events.  These, are even more reasons, thinking about it, to consider OctaviaMusic "One Stop Shop Music Platform. And to register and subscribe.

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Having decided that eight companies were the basis on which we would build our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," and have them working together covering most of the areas needed, to support and promote artists.  We then, set about setting up Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd®. (OctaviaMusic™) And its subsidiary companies: Octavia Records Ltd™. (Record label) Octavia Music Publishing Ltd™. (Publisher) Octavia Artist Management Ltd™. (Artist Management) Octavia Artist Ltd™. (Mentoring & Coaching) Octavia Studio Ltd™. (Recording Studio) Octavia Music Magazine Ltd™. (Music Magazine) Octavia Music Shop Ltd™. (Music Store - Online)

These are but a few of all the companies and experts you would need to get involved with when working to advance the career of artists, negotiating agreements, contracts etc., bringing artists into the public domain.  They need someone/most often several companies managing access to facilities or procurement, and maybe more establishing and maintain their careers.  Its often quite a task, putting together such a crew, such as managers, mentors, suitable songs, (if they are not songwriters themselves.)  They then need arrangers, musicians, producers, sound engineers, backing singers.  Studio to record the song (if they don't have one of their own.) And before the record is release, promotion, showcase, gigs.  Arranging interviews, radio and television appearances.  And in todays method of promoting, social media. Features in magazines and or newspaper.  When the record is release, distribution, advertising, sales, merchandise. Promotional tours, road crew and all the other personels behind the scene, to make that artist/group a success.

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Add to the cost and expencies in time and money, which has to be bone by someone.  So to give access to all these services free, would not make economic sense.  Furthermore, it won't be long before everything would come to a hault.  And that would make no business sense, whatsoever.  And so we are asking, those who take their dreams, ambition or career seriously, to invest in themselves, and register and subscribe monthly to one of our four Artist management levels.Subscriptions to get access to our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," services. Taking this initial step, means you are giving yourself a chance to make your love for music, work for you.  And making a statement, that you are serious about your career.  And that you are investing in yourself and your future.  Something given (freely) is appreciated but tends not to engage the mind, as something that is paid for.  In your mind, you place a value to whatever the object is.  Thats how we want you to feel about subscribing to our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," services.  And whats more, we feel you will make the most of it.  We are placing a value on your talent, ambition, your dream.  And right from the start, we will encourage you to do the same.  As we expect the public to also.  We have invested heavily, both in time and money.  Our commitment to this project is clear.  And so, we expect some level of commitment from those who wants the use of the services.  So by registering and subscribing, you will be showing your commitment, and accessing these services, is an opportunity to make something you hold dearly work for you.  Paying monthly, makes it easy for you to quit, if its not working for you after giving it a reasonable time.  Then, all you have to do is cancel your subscription.  But, we would hope, that having your own OctaviaMusic Artist page, with all your details accessable globally, would somehow start to get you notice and make sense of your monthly subscription. Especially, having an organisation like OctaviaMusic doing the behind scene work for you. 

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With companies like Octavia Records™. (Record Label) assigns artists recording contracts, and record deals.  Octavia Music Publishing™. (Publisher) publishes the songs and music of registered and subscribing artists, musicians and songwriters or search for appropriate songs or music for assigned artists. License and synth published music.  Collect and distribute royalties.  Octavia Artist Management™. (Management) manages the artists, that are registered and subscribes to the platform.  Register, to get an Octavia®Music account & personal Artist Page.  When you subscribe to one of the four levels of management.  Standard at £29.99 per month, Premium at £49.99 per month, Gold at £69.99 per month and Full Management at £109.99 per month. Each at a price and services, that the artist feels suited to their requirement. We would not process enquiries sent through email or post with links to other platforms.  Our A & R are integrated into our "One Stop Shop Music Platform."  Register & Subscribe for access. You get your own OctaviaMusic Artist Page.  With all your: DETAILS, ARTIST BIO, TOUR DATES, TUNE IN, MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT INFORMATION, ENGAGE WITH ARTIST and REGISTER. (for updates or to be a fan). Artists Your Video and MP3 music streaming.  And pictures of past events.  All the information needed, on your page to use as your business card. Being able to Submit your LIVE PERFORMANCE when you perform your own songs so royalties could be paid.  Access is only through being a registered and subscribing member.

Octavia Artist™. (Mentoring & Coaching) Presentation, performances, vocals, Interviews, Image  & Media.  Octavia Studio™. (Recording) Arrangement, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Working with, sound engineers, arrangers, producers songwriters, backing singers and musicians.  Octavia Music Magazine™. (Media & Promotion) Featured articles, press releases, Artist of the Month, Songwriter of the Month, Event promotion and Reviews.  Octavia Music Shop™. (Online Music Shop - Store) Distribution, sales, merchandise, delivery.  Booking Agency: Events & Tickets sales.

We would, however, recommend artists start off with the Standard (Artist Management) £29.99 per month. giving it a reasonable time, to see if it works for you.  All that's within the package.  And if it works for you and you are in need of more support, you can then move up to the other levels, Premium or Gold. These are ideal if all you want is, to play regular gigs, local, national or international.  OctaviaMusic would be organising events, gigs, tours and showcases. For the purpose of promotion, of their artists, records and music.  And if you demonstrate the appropriate skills to be included.  Then you would be included in the lineup, being a registered and subscribing artist of OctaviaMusic.

Full Management, requires a bit more commitment and skills.  There would be demands placed on both you and on Octavia®Music.  And with our reputation at stake, we would only undertake fully committed artists, before engaging with them, on the basis of Full Management.  Which involves contracts, agreements, commitments, liabilities and costs.  etc. 

You won't be sure it won't work for you until you try it.  So go on, give us a try.   Go to the section of this website and Register then subscribe, and let us kickstart your dreams, ambition or career.  It's better to have tried and realise its not for you than never to have tried at all.  This is only the beginning of what we expect OctaviaMusic to become in the music industry.  We will be bringing upgrades and incorporating new plugins and keeping up with technology as we grow.  Can't wait to realise what this Octavia®Music, "One Stop Shop Music Platform™," could and would become.  Join us and be a part of our "One Stop Shop Music Platform," revolution.

Looking forward to working with you, "Keeping Music Real." Making the music industry work for you.  Creating and maintaining a career in the music industry.  Supporting music being taught in schools, with the same expectation for future generations to consider music as a career, with the same expectation as other professionals in other industries.  All this would be something, wouldn't it?  Go on join us.

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