Happy New Year 2022

Happy new year 2022 from Octavia Multimedia Group Ltd.  Wishing all our customers, families and friends, especially those who are loyal and surportive thought 2021 and before, all the best for the new year.  Inspite of the pandemic and global economics slow down, we are continuing to forge ahead, in creating a community where artists, musicians, performers and songwriters, could and would create and maintain a career in the music industry, with same expectation to that of professionals in other industries.  With our "One Stop Shop Music Platform." which require customers to Register then Subscribe to get access to services.  Every new year brings new hope and possibilities, and we at #Octavia are full of hope and possibilities.  In trying to help artists, musicians, performers and songwriters, create and maintain a career in the music industry, which is one of the less rewarding industry for many, but for a few who enjoy success beyond their wildest dream. We are riding against the tide.  More so amongst those we are working to bring changes and success too, even if its but a small and sustainable way.  But #OctaviaMusic has been working on the concept for years and from the responses from seasoned operatives, we believe its a much needed concept, long overdue.  Especially, present disruptions and eradication of venues and funding.  Looking at the industry differently should be welcome by those who depends on and those looking to make their way in the industry.  And so, 2022 will give us answer to questions we have not yet ask. 

In 2022, we hope for an end to the pandemic, homelessness, hungry childern, jobless families and health workers stressful enviornment.  And treats each other more respectfilly, apperciatively and caringly each day each month through the year, so the wishes of a Happy New Year can come true.  Happy new year everyone.