Eurovision Song Contest 2021


Eurovision Song Contest 2021. 

This year's Eurovision is a reboot of the music festivel competion held in Europe for decades.  Except for last year 2020, when it had to be cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic.  Its a different format this year because of the stringant regulation still in place.  But I am looking forward to seeing the acts go through their routines.  Or should I say, their performance, which sometings are more political than festive.  It is the biggest musc festival/event/contest in the world.  So successful is the format that the Americans are planning on launching their own version. 

What has always been surprising to me over the many years I have been watching/listening to the festivalish/contest/competition, is that every proceeding year, those taking part, trys to replicate the winning song of the last year.  And so instead of having innovation, we are getting more of the same, or a pale version of last year's winning song.  And the performance almost always follows the past.  My view on looking at the Eurovision Song contest/competion, is that it a golden oppertunity for music creators to be innovative.  I am aware that the contest were and maybe still are an event for the ameture level of music creators. But it could be, that the selection and voting are controlled by government organisations.  Could be the reason why its at the level of enjoyment that it is.  Intead of it being culturial, its nationalistic.  Therefore, the viewers think and vote on that basis.  Had it not being for COVID-19, we would have experiance the true difficulties that Brexit posed the the entertainment industry, for british performers and audiance, who would have been travelling to fill the events with their presence. And for now, we can only imagine the problems we are yet to face, because of the changes that had been brought about, because of brexit. 


It is my belief, that had the Eurovision Song Contest, were to be run by the music industry. There would be more innovation, after all it is the biggest audience for any event or festival. And those taking part would at least have sound advice and guidance. And if the status does not allow that principle. Then thats a topic for discussion.  At a time, when the music industry has lost its platform.

Sunday after the Eurovision Song Contest.

We now know who walked away with the trophy (Italy) and where the sportlight would be shining next year.  Italy.  Once again, the UK was no vote from the countries vote and the public.  At what point would someone say, "Let's take a different look at how we go about choosing the song and the singers?" Or is the sentiments about something else, that I am not aware off?  If we believe that the vote has no reflection on the music industry in the Uk, then there's no need to make changes.  But if that is not the case, then we in the industry needs to express the need for changes.  Waiting on the cultural secretary to invest and take the lead in bringing changes.  This no vote situation would remain for a very long time in the future.  To see the ditermination and enthusiam that was expressed on the faces of those in the hall.  And the hard work and co-operation undertaken by all the countries involved.  I would say, the portentual for up and coming music creators is hugh.  Oh, but wait a minute.  Didn't the new regulations brought about by Bexit, makes it harder for performers from the UK, to ply their trake/profession to the wider audiance in Europe.  And so far, I have heard nothing about the work the cultural secretary is doing about changing this situation.

Uk Music in the 1960s & 70s.

In the 1960s & 70s Uk music and performers was the most sort after in Europe.  Even, with the difficulty of laungages and borders, musicians, artist and performers were able to make a living, working in Europe.  Now it seems, Europe is doing their brand of Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Indies, etc. and loving it, Thank you very much.  So, the question, one should ask is, "Where do we go from here?"  Do we continue to put our heads in the sand and say, as we often do. "We are doing fine.  We are the best in the world?"  In my reaview mirror, I'm asking, "How much more "No Votes," can we take before we are shock into action?"

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