Maibba's long awaited studio album is being crafted as we await the result.  I had the pleasure of visiting and spending some time with Maibba, and from what I have seen and heard.  This album would be well worth the wait.  My visit was for a couple of hours, but it was well spent, both enjoyable and educational.  To tell you the thruth, I didn't want to leave.  It was only when I left I, I were able to bring to mind all the things I had schedule to complete before sundowm.  Sound like a cowboy. "Before sundown." But seriously fans, You will be justified spending your lunch money on the new album when its release.  I am just giving the head up, so you will stay in touch with my blog and other publication, to know the release date.

I tried to get a presumed date for release.  But the record company (Octavia Records) were keeping tight lips.  I do know that Maibba would get the word out to her fans through her social media, when the

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