Has anyone ever given this a thought?

Is a Fan a Stranger?  When an artist, celebrity, movie star, politician, writer, designer, painter, pop-star, footballers or anyone in the public eye or are known through television, sports, music or other medium meet a fan, or any member of the public, they often think of them as a stranger.  Is that really the truth?  After all, that (s0 Call) stranger knows everything about that individual, (almost everything).  But certainly more than the famous person know about the (so call) stranger.  I guessed it’s right for the famous person to think the person they have not met before is a stranger.  But if that stranger is a dedicated fan, and possible been to their event?  And like our news readers and sportsmen?  We know a lot about them, either through seeing them regularly or reading about them, especially footballers.  I am sure the supports know the players extremely well.  Are they a stranger when they meet or does the word Fan means a partial stranger?

Tell me what you think.

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