Nathan Alexander (Singer/Songwriter/Performer)Nathan Alexander is our New Artist on Octavia Records.  Nathan has recently release his debut single “Let It Shine,”  acoustic version on the Octavia Records Label.  It is available as download in MP3 and Wav.  And CDs to be ordered for delivery by post.  There is a 30 seconds sample of   “Let It Shine,”   you can listen to the 30 seconds free on this site and then you may want to download the full version.

We are looking at other “Artists,” which we are hoping to assigned to the Octavia Record label, and we are quite inspired by their abilities.

We are looking to bring these new artists to your attention in the very near future.  Their music is exciting us and we believe you would get to like them too.

I hope you have notice the new design of  “Octavia Records Label,”  Tell me what you  think of it.  The vinyl record version brings back fondest memories to me.  The 45 and 12 inch.  (twelve and not twelve inches.)  The white label vinyl was the “Imports,” from America in the 60s and 70s  of records you could not get in the regular record shops in the UK of music that did not get played on the radios or television in the nineteen sixties, i.e  Soul, Funk and Blues.

Me and my friends used to go to a Record Shop in Whitechapel London Uk to check out the new artist or new releases, and we would be directed to a booth at the back of the shop where you get to put on a headphone and the music would be piped through to you.  And if you were the first person to have a copy of a particular song from people like Otis Reading, James Brown, Wilson Picket and the now well known artists, you get to the house parties that were held down basements with home made turntable and speakers and it were where we get to meet with friends, and the DJ would play your record which you guarded with all the care you can mustered, and everyone would want a copy, and before you know it, it would become a must have song or record.  And before you know it, the artists were becoming stars.

We at Octavia Records are hoping for that quality of music and artists.  And we believe it is possible to nurture that kind of talent, for which we want the label to represent.

Anyway, Tell me what you think of the design of the new Label.


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