Welcome to Octavia Artist Management.  Dealing with the career of the “Artists,” assigned to “Octavia Records Limited.”  All artists assigned to Octavia Records label would be expected to be managed by Octavia Artist Management Limited.  The Management Team would be dealing with Bookings, Interviews, Publicity, Recording, Advertising, Performance, Promotion, Stage and lighting, Festivals and Tours, Musicians, Contracts and Rehearsal.  Inconjunction with the other partners in the group and all other bodies and facilities deemed necessary. 

Of course management can only manage the talent and hard word of the “Artist,” but that talent must be worked on to improve and maintain a standard expected by the paying public, and that can only be done by the artist themselves.  Then it would not only make the artist easier to manage, but it gives the management more avenue and section of society and industry that the management could exploit the Artist’s talents and brand.  Management can exploit the Artist’s talent but they can’t inprove that talent, if the artist are not willing to practice on a regular basis to keep their skill fresh and necessary.

I believe some want to be Artists believe a record company could give them skills that they know they have not got, but for the need to be a celeberity.  Well I have to admit with technology record companies and management, with the help of the media can give the perception that there is talent where there is not.   But in the end when the question is asked, you need to have the answer to carry on.

Octavia Records Limited, wants to encourage and develop talented individuals and Octavia Artist Management Limited want to be a very active part in helping to achieving that.  That said, it is not our intention to discourage anyone who in their heart wants to perform and believe, either now or in the future they would like to pursue that dream.  What we want them to take on board is that without putting the work that is required, that dream would be difficult to become reality.


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