Happy Christmas to You All 2016

On December 24, 2016, in Seasons Greetings, by octavia

As I take to wishing you all a Happy Christmas 2016, I look back on the year and think what an extraordinary year it has been.  The continuation of war and destruction, hostility growing among every nation.  Politicians so secure in their own ideas bubble, that they seems unable to understand the needs of the people they supposed to be serving.  They are but only a public servant, but that seem to be blotted out of their mind once they get your vote.  And special interest, mainly themselves become the most important thing on their mind.

But against all odds the human spirit still fighting through and I expect 2017 would test that spirit more than ever before.  The uncertainty that now become the byword for globalization is about everything and trust never seem to get a look in.  I believe we all now no longer believe in the promises made, that are never fulfill.  The words we used to depend on in forming any kind of relationship is now just catch phrase.  Words like ” I Promise, Trust me, Believe me, I will.  And the headline news is no longer reported, it’s created.  An important speech is published before it’s made, so it can be edited before it is made.

In spite of all that, I believe in people and like my mother always remind me.  There are no immigrant in this world.  We were all born within this globe (The World) and has the right to travel within it having the resources, just like when your are born within a country you have the right to travel anywhere within it.  That principle applies to the world.  It is all our concern and responsibility to assist in the welfare of other and not to be like the news gatherer who consider their sole task is to capture tragedy on camera for the next breaking news reporting.

So if we don’t react to the news that are manufactured to either entertained and terrify, I am sure we will see through 2017 as we have those years that has gone by and still retain the human spirit, still fighting and still full of hope that someday “We shall overcome.”   With that in mind I wish you all a Happy Christmas 2016 and a Prosperous New year 2017.

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