Happy Christmas 2015

On December 22, 2015, in Seasons Greetings, by octavia

Happy Christmas 2015.  Once again I take to the keyboard to wish everyone a happy Christmas 2015.  And I would add the usual cliché how quickly is comes around and where has the year gone?  But here we are Christmas and you must not let it go by without a glass of good cheer.  Whatever the year has brought you its worth acknowledging that time is precious and every minute deserve celebrating and as usual we tend to store up these celebrations for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, valentines, Christmas and so on, but the thing is you must take a moment to be happy and Christmas is one of those moment that give you a reason to do so.  So from me to you Happy Christmas 2015.

I will acknowledge that for some, in fact a great potion of the world’s population, 2015 has not given them any reason for celebration.  But I say to you, if you are still fighting you are still with the chance of winning, or achieving something that would bring some changes to your life.  Let’s face it our natural instinct is to survive and we only loose when within us we give up the fight and admit defeat.  My wish is that in 2016 we fight to make human’s life better and not to aid destruction.  We have within this planet of ours all the resources to make every single life better, better fed, better clothes, better educated, more skilled with the confidence to take care of themselves.  But year by year we see less of these things happening.  We become so dependent on the thing we don’t have and will never acquire.  we put want in place of need, destroying instead of creating, persecuting instead of giving praise.  We are each leaders of our own destiny, but we seems more and more delegating this responsibility to others who are incapable of even taking care of their own lives and feel hard done by when they let us down.

If there is one thing you do in 2016, make it so that you take control our your own life, be responsible for your self and actions and with that strength gain, you can relate to those important in your life.  Be kind to yourself and neighbour, feed the hungry and give shelter to the needed, because the life you save might be your own.

Happy Christmas 2015, one and all.

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