Happy Christmas 2014 everyone! The year seems to have driven by real fast. I am told whenever this comment is made it is a sure sign that you are getting old. Nevertheless this year has gone by very quickly, it seems like yesterday when I posted greetings for Christmas 2013 and New Year 2013. Anywhere, I’d like to think that everyone will have a jolly good festive season, but I am mindful, there are people out there who has and still going through difficult times. I realize that no words can change what you are going through, but words can give encouragement to keep you fighting, and never giving up. Don’t loose the faith, your belief in life. Food banks seem to be the lifeline for many and this week I am going down to my local food bank collection point and make a donation. And I would think it is the real Christmas spirit, if all those who are able to visit their local food bank collection point and make a donation too. And if you do it locally you are probably saving the lives of people you see every day in the street, and helping the people and your community to feel strong.

United we stand, divided we fall and action gets things done. I’d like to think there are better years ahead, but not according to the experts. But I often think when I read exports reports, there is nothing in there that I didn’t know before, they simply put it in writing. They don’t know more than we do and anyway, it is from our opinion they from their views. So when you ready to forecast for the year ahead, if it stress more on the gloom and not the possibilities, wrap your rubbish with it and write your own forecast and start off with all the possibilities and the can do spirit. And if at the end of the year you have achieved one of the possibilities and one of the can do’s you would have made your life better. Remember there are real life father Christmas walking amongst us, if only we believe. Goodness starts from the heart and then the mind and that’s where enjoyment starts too. Have a Happy Christmas everyone.

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