The State of the Economy

On June 26, 2014, in Communities, Politics, by octavia

The State of the Economy, is not good and that goes for quite a few countries. Only a few countries are doing well. And that is not sustainable without a good majority of the countries doing moderately ok. And what I am hearing from news flash to news flash. Is the fear mongers grabbing the headline. When will we as people accept that the tactic of fear only last for a short time in anyone’s mind. Because in order to convince the brain that what is happening is a life changing incident, all the questions the brain ask, needs answering with evidence to back the answer given. Now just think how we as people have evolved, the danger that’s been our DNA, most of it these days are of our own making.

We fail to treat each other fairly and wonder why we complain. I am of the opinion (or should I say of the mind) that whatever happening with the world’s economy can be solved, if we have the mind to put our heads together and work for the benefit of each other, instead of looking for moments of headline grabbing. That act is not the mark of true leadership and although the people themselves don’t say it out loud. They know when you as a leader is working for the good of the country, society and mankind, or whether as a leader you are simply doing things to make a name for yourself.

If as a true leader (as you ought to be having been elected for that purpose), you genuinely ask the people to work harder and reward them for doing so, they would be there giving one hundred percent and more. But it is known that they have been asked to work hard before and after received no reward, instead they been branded with all the social negative names as an excuse not to reward them. Ok so the state of the economy is not good, but it is wise to remember what ever ideas the leaders have to make it better, it is the people who will carry out the work in making it so. So in time of scare mongering, headline grabbing when it appears you have not got a clue of anything. spear a thought for the people, because they know more, and can do more than they appear too.  They can change the state of the economy.


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