A World of Designers Mayhem

On April 5, 2014, in Communities, Lifestyle, Politics, by octavia

The world of Designers Mayhem, seem to be in as designer mayhem goes, first came designer clothe, now we have, designer food, designer body, designer babies, designer environment, designer family, designer children, designer marriage, designer sex, designer drugs, designer lifestyle, designer friends, designer homes, designer music, designer cars, designer walk, designer language.  I won’t bet against some of us having designer’s dreams when we sleep.

With all this designer craze, come the designer waste, which the world is struggling to cope with, why are we now increasingly  talking about global warming, why communities are suffering with every season.  We have fear of the rain, it causes flood, so severe it destroys homes, communities, industries, farms, trees, roads, rails, and causes landslides.  The wind, the snow, which freezes everything brings entire states to a standstill.  The sun, with fire burning for days, weeks, months.  Again destroying families, homes, lives, life stock and a whole lot more.

Comes with this designers attitude is a brand of selfishness that care not about how you get to own these thing, but what matters most is the having of it.  And then on the supper highway in communication telling every one about it.  The problem with that is, even during the time it takes to tell those who matters, that you have acquired your designer what not.  Their reply to your news is that something else has taken the place of what you have just got.  And so your chasing for the next new craze begins all over again, having no time to enjoy what has taken you a whole lot of effort and money obtaining.

This designer craze, or as I started designer mayhem, should in my opinion be put down as an illness and be treated with medication.  Not that it would solve global warming, but it maybe solve the problem of lack of care in the world.

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