Free Music Downloads, I was never in favour of free music download, it has as I thought. would encourage an expectation of getting something for nothing and does not appreciate the skill and artistic work that has gone into creating the music.  Just like you won’t ask a lawyer to give his time free, you should not expect a musician to give you his work free.  And it’s now dawned on the musicians themselves, it’s a road to nowhere.  How do you expect to earn a living when you give away your work for nothing?  Free music download is what it is, I am giving for no return.  And the odds are the grafters again are the ones loosing out.  In this scenario which implied in this action are too great, and most likely works against you gaining anything for your effort as a musician, it makes me think, it is not what the music industry need.  Now or in the future.

In my way of thinking, I find it hard to understand at what point free music download become valuable to the writer/performer, when they put no value on it.  Yes it benefit the people who accept it, for reasons that they don’t have to pay for it.  But it’s with that same thought, and reasons why they discards it to the bin or share it with others for a small fee.

It cost money to get the tools to make the music.  It takes time to perform and record the music.  Never mind the skill you must have or learn in order to go through those stages.  So why would you give it away for nothing?  Even if you recover your cost, and not make a profit would make more sense to me, then giving it away as free music downloads.

When I speak to disillusioned musicians, I realized my dislike of the idea of free music download was justified.  Being a poor musician might have a folk law feeling about it, like all the now dead artists/painters, but it don’t feed you or pay your bills.  And today’s means for survival is so much more different from what it was for those national or global heroes.

The music industry is going through it’s worse period for innovation, although technology has given it such wonderful tools.  When you realized most of the now famous recordings was done on impossible equipment.  You can’t blame the public for that crises, the music presented a win, win scenario to them, you can’t blame them for accepting it with both hands and what’s more, expect it to be the norm.

We in the music industry has a hard job reversing this situation, but I am in no doubt it can be done.  If even it means that we have to start a campaign saying: “Stop the free music download.”  Pay us for work done like everyone else who taken the time to learn a trade, and it is our trade.  I say its time we get it started.

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