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Nathan Alexander (Singer/Songwriter/Performer)

Let It Shine.

Nathan Alexander.

Nathan performing his debut single “Let It Shine.”
He is currently working on his next single for release soon.

Nathan wishes his fans a “Happy New Year.” and thank them for their past support.  Looking forward to 2012 successes and looking to have each and every one of them there with him.

Nathan is preparing to do more gigs and festival this year.  So keep checking out the website for the Upcoming Events.

Contact: [email protected]

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Has anyone ever given this a thought?

Is a Fan a Stranger?  When an artist, celebrity, movie star, politician, writer, designer, painter, pop-star, footballers or anyone in the public eye or are known through television, sports, music or other medium meet a fan, or any member of the public, they often think of them as a stranger.  Is that really the truth?  After all, that (s0 Call) stranger knows everything about that individual, (almost everything).  But certainly more than the famous person know about the (so call) stranger.  I guessed it’s right for the famous person to think the person they have not met before is a stranger.  But if that stranger is a dedicated fan, and possible been to their event?  And like our news readers and sportsmen?  We know a lot about them, either through seeing them regularly or reading about them, especially footballers.  I am sure the supports know the players extremely well.  Are they a stranger when they meet or does the word Fan means a partial stranger?

Tell me what you think.

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