Happy Christmas to You All 2016

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As I take to wishing you all a Happy Christmas 2016, I look back on the year and think what an extraordinary year it has been.  The continuation of war and destruction, hostility growing among every nation.  Politicians so secure in their own ideas bubble, that they seems unable to understand the needs of the people they supposed to be serving.  They are but only a public servant, but that seem to be blotted out of their mind once they get your vote.  And special interest, mainly themselves become the most important thing on their mind.

But against all odds the human spirit still fighting through and I expect 2017 would test that spirit more than ever before.  The uncertainty that now become the byword for globalization is about everything and trust never seem to get a look in.  I believe we all now no longer believe in the promises made, that are never fulfill.  The words we used to depend on in forming any kind of relationship is now just catch phrase.  Words like ” I Promise, Trust me, Believe me, I will.  And the headline news is no longer reported, it’s created.  An important speech is published before it’s made, so it can be edited before it is made.

In spite of all that, I believe in people and like my mother always remind me.  There are no immigrant in this world.  We were all born within this globe (The World) and has the right to travel within it having the resources, just like when your are born within a country you have the right to travel anywhere within it.  That principle applies to the world.  It is all our concern and responsibility to assist in the welfare of other and not to be like the news gatherer who consider their sole task is to capture tragedy on camera for the next breaking news reporting.

So if we don’t react to the news that are manufactured to either entertained and terrify, I am sure we will see through 2017 as we have those years that has gone by and still retain the human spirit, still fighting and still full of hope that someday “We shall overcome.”   With that in mind I wish you all a Happy Christmas 2016 and a Prosperous New year 2017.

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Happy Christmas 2015

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Happy Christmas 2015.  Once again I take to the keyboard to wish everyone a happy Christmas 2015.  And I would add the usual cliché how quickly is comes around and where has the year gone?  But here we are Christmas and you must not let it go by without a glass of good cheer.  Whatever the year has brought you its worth acknowledging that time is precious and every minute deserve celebrating and as usual we tend to store up these celebrations for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, valentines, Christmas and so on, but the thing is you must take a moment to be happy and Christmas is one of those moment that give you a reason to do so.  So from me to you Happy Christmas 2015.

I will acknowledge that for some, in fact a great potion of the world’s population, 2015 has not given them any reason for celebration.  But I say to you, if you are still fighting you are still with the chance of winning, or achieving something that would bring some changes to your life.  Let’s face it our natural instinct is to survive and we only loose when within us we give up the fight and admit defeat.  My wish is that in 2016 we fight to make human’s life better and not to aid destruction.  We have within this planet of ours all the resources to make every single life better, better fed, better clothes, better educated, more skilled with the confidence to take care of themselves.  But year by year we see less of these things happening.  We become so dependent on the thing we don’t have and will never acquire.  we put want in place of need, destroying instead of creating, persecuting instead of giving praise.  We are each leaders of our own destiny, but we seems more and more delegating this responsibility to others who are incapable of even taking care of their own lives and feel hard done by when they let us down.

If there is one thing you do in 2016, make it so that you take control our your own life, be responsible for your self and actions and with that strength gain, you can relate to those important in your life.  Be kind to yourself and neighbour, feed the hungry and give shelter to the needed, because the life you save might be your own.

Happy Christmas 2015, one and all.

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Happy New Year 2015

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Happy New Year 2015.  Dear Readers and Subscribers, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2015 and in doing so I also wish you all a prosperous one.  I am well aware that for some 2014 was a difficult year although I had hope it would be much better than 2013.  We are continuing to be told that cutting the deficit is the most important issue today, but for me and I’m sure million of others, a roof over our head, food in our belly and clothes on our backs are the most important issue.  Reason why I try to encourage as many that can afford it, to go and put a can or two of food stuff in the food banks shops.  I have done so over the Christmas and will be doing so throughout the year, if only that it feed one child.  It’s not being a socialist or any of the political phrases bantering amongst the politicians and strategists, it’s simply being human.  And I hope a good many of you do the same.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine a billion or a trillion pounds, euros or dollar, or any other currency, but I could imagine what it looks like to see a starving child or a homeless person and that should be what matters to us all.

In my simplistic way of thinking, when you loose something, it is because something you had and now its gone.  But to the banks and financial specialists, what they loose is ideas, peculation and chance taking.  And then they put figures of billions, trillions to the valve of their lost.  And although we neither hand a hand in loosing what it is they’ve lost and stood little chance of gaining from their success.  We now are making the biggest sacrifice in paying them for their lost, and it has become the most important thing and what is shocking, is that their lives has not changed one iota.  And the thing that mystify my thinking, they say we not only have to pay them all that they have lost for many years but with interest at rates they only have the power to set.  And they call it globalization and blame it on the people who for the want of food, clothe, a home and a future for their children are moving around the globe, having be put in an impossible situation.

Still I hope I have not being to gloomy because I am looking to the new year with great expectation.  So here is a Happy New Year to you all, and try if you can to help yourself and others that the world may be better each day.

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Happy Christmas 2014 everyone! The year seems to have driven by real fast. I am told whenever this comment is made it is a sure sign that you are getting old. Nevertheless this year has gone by very quickly, it seems like yesterday when I posted greetings for Christmas 2013 and New Year 2013. Anywhere, I’d like to think that everyone will have a jolly good festive season, but I am mindful, there are people out there who has and still going through difficult times. I realize that no words can change what you are going through, but words can give encouragement to keep you fighting, and never giving up. Don’t loose the faith, your belief in life. Food banks seem to be the lifeline for many and this week I am going down to my local food bank collection point and make a donation. And I would think it is the real Christmas spirit, if all those who are able to visit their local food bank collection point and make a donation too. And if you do it locally you are probably saving the lives of people you see every day in the street, and helping the people and your community to feel strong.

United we stand, divided we fall and action gets things done. I’d like to think there are better years ahead, but not according to the experts. But I often think when I read exports reports, there is nothing in there that I didn’t know before, they simply put it in writing. They don’t know more than we do and anyway, it is from our opinion they from their views. So when you ready to forecast for the year ahead, if it stress more on the gloom and not the possibilities, wrap your rubbish with it and write your own forecast and start off with all the possibilities and the can do spirit. And if at the end of the year you have achieved one of the possibilities and one of the can do’s you would have made your life better. Remember there are real life father Christmas walking amongst us, if only we believe. Goodness starts from the heart and then the mind and that’s where enjoyment starts too. Have a Happy Christmas everyone.

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The State of the Economy

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The State of the Economy, is not good and that goes for quite a few countries. Only a few countries are doing well. And that is not sustainable without a good majority of the countries doing moderately ok. And what I am hearing from news flash to news flash. Is the fear mongers grabbing the headline. When will we as people accept that the tactic of fear only last for a short time in anyone’s mind. Because in order to convince the brain that what is happening is a life changing incident, all the questions the brain ask, needs answering with evidence to back the answer given. Now just think how we as people have evolved, the danger that’s been our DNA, most of it these days are of our own making.

We fail to treat each other fairly and wonder why we complain. I am of the opinion (or should I say of the mind) that whatever happening with the world’s economy can be solved, if we have the mind to put our heads together and work for the benefit of each other, instead of looking for moments of headline grabbing. That act is not the mark of true leadership and although the people themselves don’t say it out loud. They know when you as a leader is working for the good of the country, society and mankind, or whether as a leader you are simply doing things to make a name for yourself.

If as a true leader (as you ought to be having been elected for that purpose), you genuinely ask the people to work harder and reward them for doing so, they would be there giving one hundred percent and more. But it is known that they have been asked to work hard before and after received no reward, instead they been branded with all the social negative names as an excuse not to reward them. Ok so the state of the economy is not good, but it is wise to remember what ever ideas the leaders have to make it better, it is the people who will carry out the work in making it so. So in time of scare mongering, headline grabbing when it appears you have not got a clue of anything. spear a thought for the people, because they know more, and can do more than they appear too.  They can change the state of the economy.


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A World of Designers Mayhem

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The world of Designers Mayhem, seem to be in as designer mayhem goes, first came designer clothe, now we have, designer food, designer body, designer babies, designer environment, designer family, designer children, designer marriage, designer sex, designer drugs, designer lifestyle, designer friends, designer homes, designer music, designer cars, designer walk, designer language.  I won’t bet against some of us having designer’s dreams when we sleep.

With all this designer craze, come the designer waste, which the world is struggling to cope with, why are we now increasingly  talking about global warming, why communities are suffering with every season.  We have fear of the rain, it causes flood, so severe it destroys homes, communities, industries, farms, trees, roads, rails, and causes landslides.  The wind, the snow, which freezes everything brings entire states to a standstill.  The sun, with fire burning for days, weeks, months.  Again destroying families, homes, lives, life stock and a whole lot more.

Comes with this designers attitude is a brand of selfishness that care not about how you get to own these thing, but what matters most is the having of it.  And then on the supper highway in communication telling every one about it.  The problem with that is, even during the time it takes to tell those who matters, that you have acquired your designer what not.  Their reply to your news is that something else has taken the place of what you have just got.  And so your chasing for the next new craze begins all over again, having no time to enjoy what has taken you a whole lot of effort and money obtaining.

This designer craze, or as I started designer mayhem, should in my opinion be put down as an illness and be treated with medication.  Not that it would solve global warming, but it maybe solve the problem of lack of care in the world.

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Free Music Downloads, I was never in favour of free music download, it has as I thought. would encourage an expectation of getting something for nothing and does not appreciate the skill and artistic work that has gone into creating the music.  Just like you won’t ask a lawyer to give his time free, you should not expect a musician to give you his work free.  And it’s now dawned on the musicians themselves, it’s a road to nowhere.  How do you expect to earn a living when you give away your work for nothing?  Free music download is what it is, I am giving for no return.  And the odds are the grafters again are the ones loosing out.  In this scenario which implied in this action are too great, and most likely works against you gaining anything for your effort as a musician, it makes me think, it is not what the music industry need.  Now or in the future.

In my way of thinking, I find it hard to understand at what point free music download become valuable to the writer/performer, when they put no value on it.  Yes it benefit the people who accept it, for reasons that they don’t have to pay for it.  But it’s with that same thought, and reasons why they discards it to the bin or share it with others for a small fee.

It cost money to get the tools to make the music.  It takes time to perform and record the music.  Never mind the skill you must have or learn in order to go through those stages.  So why would you give it away for nothing?  Even if you recover your cost, and not make a profit would make more sense to me, then giving it away as free music downloads.

When I speak to disillusioned musicians, I realized my dislike of the idea of free music download was justified.  Being a poor musician might have a folk law feeling about it, like all the now dead artists/painters, but it don’t feed you or pay your bills.  And today’s means for survival is so much more different from what it was for those national or global heroes.

The music industry is going through it’s worse period for innovation, although technology has given it such wonderful tools.  When you realized most of the now famous recordings was done on impossible equipment.  You can’t blame the public for that crises, the music presented a win, win scenario to them, you can’t blame them for accepting it with both hands and what’s more, expect it to be the norm.

We in the music industry has a hard job reversing this situation, but I am in no doubt it can be done.  If even it means that we have to start a campaign saying: “Stop the free music download.”  Pay us for work done like everyone else who taken the time to learn a trade, and it is our trade.  I say its time we get it started.

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Happy New Year 2014

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Happy New Year 2014.  Well as I wave a sad farewell to 2013 and say Happy New Year 2014, I feel optimistic and pessimistic.  Don’t get me wrong 2013 was not all that brilliant, but with me its “Trust in the things you know.”  Still I am optimistic because new things could bring with them a breath of freshness.  Changes that could make all the difference to all that ills us.   So with that in mind I wish you all a “Happy New Year 2014.”  I hope 2014 brings you all that you wish for and a bit more to make up for 2013 and those years that leave you short.  But apart from wishing you more wealth, I would wish you more health, because you don’t need a bank to secure it.

In this new year, learn from what you did last year 2013, and if its successful repeat it in this new year, and what was wrong, refrain from doing it again, in other words, act as if you have learned from your mistakes.  Its how progress occurs it’s a natural instinct amongst the living.  And if you continue this way through out the year, 2014 would end up a very successful for you or a better one than last year.  Happy New Year 2014 to every one.

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Happy Christmas 2013

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Happy Christmas 2013 to me came round very fast this year.  Well it seems like it anyway.  So here I am again wishing you all a happy Christmas, on reflection it seems to be a very eventful year.  I have achieved more than I thought I would at the beginning of the year.  In January we all were looking into the abyss with jobs, home and a meltdown of currencies around the world.  Thank God it is somewhat different for some at least.  I am well aware that there are quite a few people still homeless, jobless and a future that seem to be drifting away from them.  But I believe there is a bit more hope in the system and let’s hope that it become an epidemic and affect more people in the coming year.

My thoughts for this Christmas are with the people who are still homeless, jobless and the sick.  Those who lost their homes through no fault of their own, even though they have worked hard and do the right thing.  The jobless who are at a lost in their thinking, after doing everything that is asked of them, still they are without a job.  And those who are working all the hours God sent and still can’t pay their bills and feed themselves and their children.  And the sick, who are loosing faith in the system, even at a time when those who work in the hospitals is giving their all.  I know Happy Christmas for them is a distance past, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t make it real.  So Happy Christmas 2013 one and all.  Looking forward to a new year always bring refreshing thoughts to the mind, with expectation rising a little bit above the negative line, here’s hoping that’s where you are at.

Happy New Year 2013

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May I wish you all a very “Happy New Year 2013,”  as 2012 speed off into the unknown, we greet 2013 with enthusiasm and precautionary zeal, let not forget the hope that come with new beginnings.  In spite of politicians lining up to remind us of their plans to make our lives even harder than before, we must not forget that hope and the willingness to work for changes in our lives never get defeated by those notions of gloom.

So as 2013 speeds into our lives, lets work to make it a people’s year.  The forgotten people, who those who suppose to do things on our behalf, often get blame for all the bad and never praised for the good.  I would say, you have had a taste of whats to come, so now maybe you have got some idea on how to manage what’s yet to come.  2013 could be good or bad for you depending on whether you choose to let it defeat your spirit, or challenge it and thereby win in the new year 2013.

From myself and Octavia, “Happy New Year 2013.


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